U.S. trains are slow. Can we fix them? What Happened to America's Passenger 1 day ago   04:45

The U.S. passenger rail system is underwhelming. It’s full of delays, creaky infrastructure, and inconvenient stops. What would it take to make our trains run on time and look a little more like, say, Japan’s? We explain how we got here and what we could do to get back on track in the video above.

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southern pacific cab forward 4294 productions
Us trains are fast watch this video *NOW* https://ufl.ae/videow/5WYhJXQCsDG
Retro Piano4Play
Dude, nice video! Keep uploading
Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
D Michael H
Money. Bottom line is money. I wish they would invest in Amtrak. Really, it could be a national treasure.
You see as a little kid I loved trains still do the trip itself is fun (sometimes) watching the scenery. what is the fun if you get to the destination fast but
Why in gods name would Californa's "High" speed rail as good example, its been Riddled with cost overruns, its used eminent domain to FORCE hundreds of farmers off their land, and it will be the SLOWEST high speed rail in the world.
Kyle F
Americans prefer to drive. We wouldn't know what to do if we took a train to another city. Do you then rent a car there? We like to drive places.
Does the carpet matches the drapes?
Theotime Deroide
1:42 careful that's misleading: the French rail system is so much better than the UK's
Trevor Warren
The Mighty Pearson Pennant
You can't compare the Milwaukee and Minneapolis with Tokyo and Osaka. One has many intermediate stops. One has few stops. If they had a similar operating system with many stops then you can say it is better, which it is. You can still get between Osaka and Tokyo in around 4hrs on local routes. Just saying.
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What Happened to America's Passenger U.S. trains are slow. Can we fix them? 1 day ago   13:14

Did America's once industrious and world-famous passenger rail system fall because of "fair and equal" competition - or did the federal government tax it to death? Did America's shift from rails to roads come out naturally - or from lobbying from General Motors? We visit two of America's passenger rail cars from a bygone era to reminisce and then dive into the history and truth behind the decline of America's passenger railroad system.

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