European election 2019 - this China Watch: 'Never telling 1 day ago   02:05

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People go to the polls against a backdrop of profound changes…

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Pros media is propaganda!!!! Digital media little better then MSM!!! trust the common man/woman....not the big corp!
Mr Undead
Election meddling coming our way highlight that please I'd say that's a fact now...
Anything that gives the EUSSR a good kick in the gonads is fine by me.
A good dose of democracy is going to send shivers down the back of the unelected elitists sat on their fat backsides in Brussels.
Another opinion-TV piece by eurolies.
As the inofficial spokes organ of the EC, eurolies is here to push the propaganda.
EU sceptic democratic parties are seen as a problem and not a natural healthy part of the democratic process where all voter groups get a chance to have their voice heard.
Instead we get politically controlled opinion TV narrated by someone who can't hide the derisive tone of his voice when on the subject of these political parties, as if they were little more than a temporary nuisance soon to be dealth with and everything can go back to normal.
The EU parliament normal, where no descent or opposition shall be allowed.

Yepp, so that's what passes for news now. Opinion TV donning the ill fitting frock of actual journalism, pretending to be something it's not.
We should kick the butts of all politicians and parties who support the muslim invasion!
Sheeple are Lame
Europe doesn't represent me & i ain't voting for those wetrag rightwing liberal mammy pampered conservatives
Āris Plūģis
populists will take a control of EU. it will be majority, not "paralyzing minority".
unpaid troll
voting for a fraudulent entity which, in good time, will no longer exist
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China Watch: 'Never telling European election 2019 - this 1 day ago   12:16

"See the difference" – that’s the motto of China's global news network CGTN. But "seeing the difference" comes with a catch. CGTN says it tells stories from a "Chinese perspective" – but what that looks like in practice is more like serving the ideological aims of the Chinese Communist Party. Beijing is training up foreign journalists, buying up space in overseas media and expanding its own networks on an unprecedented scale in an attempt to challenge what it perceives as Western hegemony over global media. In this episode of China Watch, Sean Mantesso delves into Beijing's expanding global media presence and asks whether China is achieving its ambitious goal of moulding the narrative on China the world over.

China Watch is an online ABC series presented by ABC reporter Sean Mantesso and looking at issues affecting China in 2019 and beyond.

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