10 ways Android is just better The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke 2 days ago   14:00

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This vid felt alot more creative & hostile in a great way. Always is when discussing apple.
Nick Hersheys
I never had an iPhone. But let's see what you missed

iPhone does not have a an external SD card drive. If you want to upgrade to a bigger memory, be ready to spend another 800 dollars for an upgrade.
Holly Game
Android is for losers who have nothing else to worry in life. If you are busy doing stuff, you do not have time to worry how icons look, wondering about how bright the colors are. You want rigid phone that doesn't lag and is reliable and relative safe to use.
Jailbreak is actually more intuitive and fun than rooting
Logan Torres
fucking hoes
1 million subs with no content
This has a greater like/dislike ratio than the iPhone video

*I wonder why*
Henrik lasarus
Idk what os my tv remote is on.
around the 4 minute 10 second mark, linus spit out a load from his mouth
when my girlfriend asks me to do something on her iphone I cringe
Downloading things on apple for free is impossible. ;-;
OrFeAsGr Art
Android doesn't allow internal sound! Whyyyy
Paul Laughlin
What is your daily driver Linus?
Sophie Somba
4:22 linus spits
i'm not gonna lie, i almost unsubscribe after the first 95sec
Most important about rooting: Extending device life span. Note 3 with Android 9.0 feels like a whole different compared to 5.0 TouchWiz which is unusable nowadays.

Btw., my car "entertainment" (basically just a Radio) runs AOSP which Was quite surprising for me.

About the back Button: I hate modern androids back button. I prefer the softkey with haptic Feedback on the Note 3 because it is super intuitive, especially if you assign Holding the back Button to reopening that last app
Miroslav Vincelj
Linus is using Android phone as his personal mobile
cat eating a salad
Iphones suck now because be cause they remove stuff for no reason android keeps
The Nowak
0:13 Steve T, is that you?
2014 compact sony phone on android 7: I can run 2 apps at the same time.
Apple: WAIT, that’s illegal.
Mikael Kildal-Leblond
apps delete theme selves on iphones when you dont use them
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The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke 10 ways Android is just better 2 days ago   12:33

Getting your iMac Pro repaired is even harder than expected...
Update video - https://ufl.ae/videow/6EsukJaIODe

Apple's new iMac Pro is a $5,000+ machine but many users are reporting that Apple Support isn't servicing them—even under warranty. They repaired ours, but the Genius Bar destroyed it in the process. What a disaster!

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