Voith’s basic approach to digital Kaplan turbines 2 days ago   02:00

Voith Hydro
At #Hydro2017, Felix Flemming, Vice President Incubation at Voith Digital Solutions, gave a statement on Voith's approach to digital #hydropower.
Find out in this video how #Voith works together with its customers to develop digital solutions for more efficient operation of #hydroelectric power plants. Felix Flemming also shows which digital solutions Voith has already developed and how customers should approach the concept of intelligent hydropower.

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Kaplan turbines Voith’s basic approach to digital 2 days ago   02:36

Installed turbines with an output of up to 200 MW and runner diameters of up to 10.5 m
More Information: http://voith.com/en/products-services/hydro-power/turbines/kaplan-turbines-560.html

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