Pelton turbines Motor Rewinding and Re-manufacturing at KOFFLER 1 day ago   02:53

Voith Hydro
A broad manufacturing program offers an economical solution for any significant requirement. Large, custom-built Pelton turbines for high output ranges of up to 1 500 m are our speciality. More Information:

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Nawroz Sabir
what is the outlet of hp of armatur ?
so the bar of pressoer of water ?. the daimeter of turbain ?
Alessandro De Marchi
So this is where Noel Gallagher got "Black Star dancing" main riff
Georgia Benedict
automatic transmission fit with exterior jets produces ten times more torque and self powers it's own pump.

Once it is brought up to operating preaure with a stand alone pressure pump, it can then maintain it's operating torque with it's own internal pump.

The higher the cicosity the fluid is the more powerful the torque.

Youtube has banned the only demonstration ever presented publicly.

Mine will be openly demonstrated in Walmart parking lots on there busiest day.

God's controllers will not stop there BANKRUPTCY.
This is an ambitious design. Too complicated to be reliable
INOX ngọc phát sanginox304
chế độ ngu dốt nhất đem khoe chi vậy.vẽ ra cái thứ vô dụng vl não đậu hũ
Good Day
Swagatam Dash
Iam Observer
Nice design but...a binary layer would be, what tesla claimed 97% efficient
This design has way to many parts that are hard to maintain... not impressed
Amir Hossen
Juber Alam
Why was need music sound in video
Ruel Sator
if you like it sir...
Ruel Sator
if you it sir pls. pm me on my mesenger...
Ruel Sator
powerless pump to produce pressured water to store on pressure tank.. then injected to a turbine.. another powerless pump is coupled to turbine shaft so that the waste water from tail raise is also goes back to pressure tank...or vice versa...meaning perpetual...
Ruel Sator
in near future i will make 1 of this... but for now its just my dream...
Ruel Sator
i tell you this... coz i am luck of budget... but i do believe if you make 1 of this.. it is the beginning of free energy for all...
Ruel Sator
my idea is like a syringe driven by a wheel... to produce pressured water. or to lift water....
Ruel Sator
but i dont have yet the capability to make all of it coz of luck of budget... but i do have the pump and the concept.
Ruel Sator
coz i do have a powerless pump that generates pressured water...
Ruel Sator
sir gud day... is it possible to replace head of water from a penstock to a pressured water to inject on turbines... to generate power...
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Motor Rewinding and Re-manufacturing at KOFFLER Pelton turbines 1 day ago   03:17

Share This depicts a wide variety of motor rewinding and rebuilding processes that takes place by the skilled technicians at KOFFLER in San Leandro CA. The variety and size of motors and generators they work on is immense. The video includes the random winding of a multiple-strand stator coil, layer winding for a rotating field coil, and the random winding of a rotating excitor rotor. Progress is followed showing various stages of lamination being replaced in a 3,500 kW generator. Commutator undercutting is demonstrated using a laser guided tool on a large rotor. The winding and insulating of a variety of AC and DC armatures is demonstrated, along with the wedging and insertion of coils in a variety of newly wound stators.

Finally, you will see the testing of the output voltage of a 5,000 kW generator to assure that all 3 phases are the same.For more information, go to

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