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Pepsi Man. Enough said.

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B Barrett
I was laughing so hard at the Pepsi-Man story, that is my new favorite story I’ve ever heard on Reddit
Craziik chan
What is your mic?
Diamond Butter
I prefer coke
Danny The Dane
Pepsi man!
Matthew Rivett
"Drink my child"
Got a pepsi ad on this video...
the pepsiman story is too good for this world. I hope thats the official pepsiman backstory
It’s New York style served by slices so yea it would probably be around 4 ft across. Also you haven’t cleaned grease before because you would know how much of a pain it is. Not firing shots but still
Dave Hendricks
Omg please spank your fucking kids ! Or get these same dumb pussies.
Carl Franz
Anyone know of a Pizza oven (or any non-bakery oven) that would handle a pizza 4 feet in diameter?
the pepsi one is fake... no one drinks that garbage
Mr. Incognito
2:39 Sure, it’s not like I was raised this way and now I suffer from self-doubt and anxiety. Yeah, totally not
Joshua Noon
May pepsi-man give onto us the waters of life.
nathan higgins
Wise words my grandpa would say "if you cannot separate your allies from your enemies, you young men are a dumbass"
Inkblot Games
"Its Pepsi Time"

*_Distant Pepsi-Man Theme_*
I will be the Pepsi man of my school now
Pepsiman V5
4:40 "How I became Pepsiman"

Bruh just name yourself Pepsiman
Holy crap, Pepsi-Man is a huge douchebag and his story doesn't fit at all malicious compliance. He wasn't being wronged in any way, he was breaking all kinds of rules that the school and teachers have every right to enforce. The way he kept referring to himself as Pepsi-Man, the importance of "his children" and how he "rocked up to school late" makes him sound like the world's biggest d-bag. He's not a victim or a hero, he's just an asshole who thinks the rules don't apply to him and it makes him cool for not complying. I have a feeling that after high school he's going to struggle in the real world, where employers don't put up with entitled d-bag shit like this.
Inferno Blast
Bow down to the Pepsi god
Galaxion Art
Drink children and hail the Pepsi Man
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