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Fulltime RV living has some drawbacks. RV service is one of them. In order to get timely service and avoid costly hotel bills, relentless coordination is needed with the RV dealer. This ensures they are expecting you and ready to begin service when you arrive. Lazy Days is not a partner of any kind, but they have been accommodating to our fulltime schedule both in Tampa and Knoxville. 

The bigger issue is reservations. This season has had many obligations and events such as Disney, family meet-ups, kids school and annual events such as AirVenture. These events have kept us moving through the Heartland on a tight timeline and haven't helped or ability to get RV service completed.

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Keep Your Daydream
**It's important to mention that we found Lazy Days to be professional and courteous on both occasions. There is only so much a dealer can do if the fridge is bad and the vendor won't approve swapping a new unit in a timely manner. If we didn't have a schedule to keep, this would be resolved by now. We still think Lazy Days is a good dealer and will go back... and we have zero affiliation.
S.M. Shields
Mark is right. You should have stayed, at the moment the refrigerator was not working. Your patience is very amazing though, as I would have been livid. This is not a good thing for Grand Design. Oh and if your headed to Michigan, have even more patience as Mi has been designated the worst roads of any state in America! I have never seen roads in a state this bad and I have gone through them all. Happy bouncing around up here! LOL
Everyone Can RV ECR
Epic fail by Lazy Days. We are looking also at a new fifth wheel and Grand Design and Lazy Days has always been a top contender. I hope corporate steps up and involved to help you. Quality Assurance is substantially lacking at both the manufactures and many of the dealerships. The three days you waited there is no excuse the latches and small items could not have been fixed. There also could have been more accommodation by the dealership and let you stay in the rig on property while they waited for the parts and just have you clear out during the day. You guys have ultra credibility and lots of voice in the RV world, if that's how they treated you, poor grandma and grandpa. Thanks for sharing...
Jeremy Simpson
We have had a lot worse interaction with Camping World. Our rig after one year and 4 months still has issues that aren’t fixed yet. BUT I will say I can’t believe a rig as big as yalls doesn’t have a residential fridge with an inverter! We love our LG!!!!! We can unplug and drive and the truck runs the fridge. If we have to stop and turn off the truck the 2 batteries will run the fridge for 18hrs before we need to plug in again. If all else fails we can plug the RV into a 115v outlet(don’t turn anything on but a few LEDs) and it runs the fridge just fine. Hope y’all get it fixed
Greg Hettig
We bought ours at La Mesa RV in Tucson Az. It made it out of the parking lot and parts and storage doors where coming off and opening. More failures camping. Two different visits at two La Masa dealers and finally leaving it at the winnebago service factory for 30 days!!!!!!! 14 pages of warranty work!!!!!!! Not fixed YET while driving it home. STORED IN OUR GARAGE NOW. AFRAID to take in out. Winnebago doesn't really care. 30 yrs. working to retire to see the country. SHOT no body cares. Just give the higher up Management millions in raises. We hope the RV industry falls flat on their face and they can find out how it feels like getting SCREWED.
Take me to the 5 star hotel, because this is boooorrrriiiinnnggggg!
Jay Dog
My mother-in-law just bought a brand new Rockwood special edition... The one door doesn't always close, the TV was broken and after the TV was fixed, they found the DVD player was broken too. How do these dealerships let RVs get off of the lot without them being 100 percent working. I wish you luck getting your RV fixed, her door still doesn't work and it's been a month...
Call PPC
As a business owner and a Grand Design Reflection Owner as well, I would have to say that in the case of the refrigerator, GD should have stepped up to the plate by now and have given you a new one one period. We utilize many different pest control product manufacturers and at the end of the day, if any of my customers are not completely satisfied with the results, it's our name, our reputation at stake, not Bayer, FMC, Termidor, Etc, Etc.
We purchased our GD Reflection this past May mostly because of you guys, and the experience you had with yours. I think you should reconsider and take this matter straight to Grand Design if they care to truly stand out from the rest of the RV manufacturers currently in business. We would consider buying from GD or any other for that matter in the future if they don't take in consideration all the trouble they have put your family through.

Reputation matters. Grand Design should stand behind their RVS regardless who they buy their parts from.
Omg. I would be so mad. They should have tried to diagnose it before just going it it's this. At least fix the other stuff while it's in the bay. Like 3 days wasted.
Holly Johnson
I get that they have steps they have to follow to try to get the fridge fixed. Try X first, then Y and if both fail, THEN replace - they don't just replace right out of the gate. The issue I have is that you came back to the rig expecting it fixed, only to discover on your own that it was not. They should have tested it to make sure it was working and you should have known when you came back that you were on to plan B, or C, or whatever plan they are on at this point. That's the part that would have me miffed, but personally I do think it's more than a little ridiculous that a brand new unit like this doesn't and hasn't had a working fridge. You guys are being real pros about it!
Ocean Girl
I miss your former RV and truck.
Kevin Towler
What name of your dog
Keeping a sense of humor when the less exciting and more annoying aspects of RV life kick in is key! You all do it well :) As you point out this isn't a dealership or trailer manufacturer fail and it was awesome how much they both tried to help with expediting the fridge fix. Really appreciate the honesty in this video!
RV Free
Very realistic. Well done. It seems that a new RV has more problems that a used RV a few years old. Been there done it.
S Lange
Every Day is a Holiday
Thank you for the update on your refrigerator, we know how hard it is to be calm in a situation that's out of your control. We are scheduled to have our cooling unit replaced on August the 20th. We are also are in a new 2019 Grand Design Momentum and are new to the Rv lifestyle. We look at it like this thank God for warranties.
Karen Fletcher
Just wanted to let you know that our Norcold, brand new was not working at time of delivery. It is in a Montana. Lazy Days put a whole new cooling unit in...still did not work. Now Keystone put a whole new fridge in. Worked 2 days and today fridge was 55 degrees. I noticed Keystone is no longer putting Norcold units their campers that at our local dealer. I am calling Keystone in the morning Good luck!
Tim S
OKAY, I feel that it is important to weigh in here. A few years back, my wife and I purchased a $300,000 + coach from Lazy Days. We found them to be extremely professional. We had major problems e.g. one of their people let the water flood the inside of our new coach and they had a new one built for us. That is professional, need I say anything more? A smaller dealer could not have afforded to do that.

Now onto Grand Design. We now own a 2019 Grand Design. Did we have some issues? Yes, in fact, we had a major refrigerator failure right from day one, just like Marc & Tricia. The only difference is that we have a Dometic and they had a Norcold. So both major brands have problems. This is NOT Grand Designs problem but refrigerator companies that have been in the business for 40 years plus and still do not know how to build quality refrigerators. Come on, food does not do well at 42+ Norcold and Dometic!!!!!!! Anyway, Grand Design made sure that we got the issue resolved.

More on Grand Design. We had issues with the RV dealer and said that we would never deal with them again. Grand Design went so far as to send a mobile unit out to solve our problem. You cannot get anymore customer-centric than that.

For ALL of you that are making negative comments and have not personally dealt with Grand Design or Lazy Days, QUIT throwing verbal rocks. You are all making comments with NO basis. My wife and I have had personal dealings with both and have had positive outcomes. Frustrating at times? YES! Problems resolved? YES!

My wife and I will purchase another unit probably in 2021 and right now unless things change, we WILL purchase a Grand Design from Lazy Days.

If you have any questions, please respond to my comment and I will be glad to answer any questions that you have.
Regena Groen
I say you can't have all good days, but man I sure hope you get that refrig. fixed!!! Everyone has them days that nothing goes right, BUT glad you guys have the positive side of life.!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I don't know BUT would it been cheaper to buy a knew one? Just wondering... LOVES/HUGS to all!!! HOPE everything works out for you!!!
Did no one else pick up on how sad it is that a woman can't walk down a road without arming herself with mace , and being accosted and cat-called...what a sad state of affairs, glad I live outside the US, or at least, the major cities. But I digress, I don't know about the rest of you, but that rig isn't pocket change, I'd expect a lot better quality leaving the factory....
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