Cheap vs Expensive: Which Jeep 9 Jeep Wrangler Upgrades I NO LONGER 1 day ago   18:18

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( )Should You Buy A Jeep Wrangler TJ or JK? Heres Was $30K Gets You! Cheap Jeep Challenge Ep.7

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jack hook
The older cj jeep could compete at the drag strip and was good off road to.
Die Violent
He says over double horsepower but the tj produces 180 and the jk has 285...I dont think he knows math...
Fire intro track
Judy Ryan
My bf has a TJ. 97. has Snorkel, Detroit lockers front and rear, 5 speed manual, chipped inline 6 motor with headers, 35" tires, 10,000 winch. 2" body lift, and 4" short arm suspension lift. fast back top. It goes everywhere with no problem.
I bought a $4000 TJ. Works just fine
I have an 04 tj with 4.0 and 5 speed. Love it.
Jeep broke
I have both. Have to say the TJ feels more like a Jeep to me.
David James
Why does this channel still exist....
Jacob Davies
What year is that TJ
The straight 6 was the 🚜. Should have got that one
Arturo Garcia
Whats the song at the beginning?
My dad just bought a tj it’s got 32 I think hard bds shocks 3 inch lift I think Bluetooth radio speakers aren’t too bad just put on bumpers and a roof rack and got a rooftop tent for camping 5 speed manual clutch works like it’s brand new add me on ig for my off-roading posts @offroadingsuzuki and add my main @william_allen_236
Jason Swader
TJ is KING of the Jeeps! I LOVE my TJ! The grill is the main reason the TJ looks better. I'll take my TJ over ANY JK ANY time. Not even close. That being said, I love the JK too
You got a 10k Jeep? What world do you live in?
Mark Lock
For thirty thousand less I'd be happy with the tj it got there.
Jack Smith
People say you are stupid to buy a jeep if you don't take it off roading, that they aren't a car and shouldn't be used as one. Well I bought my 2014 4 door rubicon because I think it looks cool and it does snow here in Western Washington in the winter. My 8 year old grand daughter can't wait for the weather to get better so we can take the doors off and the rag top down. People will bitch about anything, you might as well complain about corvettes because there is no space to put your groceries when you go to Costco.
Lex Vendedda
This was an unnecessary video. Completely unfair comparison. if you have the money you're better off with a TJ unlimited aka LJ Rubicon. That's the best wrangler made between the JK and TJ. A JL is nice but excessively expensive.... it's a luxury vehicle now.
Lex Vendedda
test the i6 vs the v6 lol
Comparing tits to tulips .. 31" at vs 35"mt , v6 vs 4cyl , tj light , jk with extra weight of bumpers , engine weight etc ? ? ?
Carol Bucholtz
Sport to sport to sport.. with stock tires and NO mods would be a better comparison
Devolving manhood.. real men drove war era willy's.. safe space soy boys drive comfort laden JKs! 😉
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9 Jeep Wrangler Upgrades I NO LONGER Cheap vs Expensive: Which Jeep 1 day ago   12:35

I spent a few days cleaning up the garage and came across many pieces of gear I had previously installed on my Jeep Wrangler and have since removed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you install something and realize later that you just don’t need it or you eventually outgrow the capability, this has been my case for a few items. In this video I share with you some of the Jeep mods I know longer have installed.

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