AMUSEMENT PARK FOR KIDS at Thomas Playground for Kids at LegoLand Amusement 2 days ago   05:43

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Family Fun amusement park for kids! Outdoor Theme Park Edaville USA with lots of rides and attractions fun for the whole family! Since there newest attraction is Thomas Land, while you are at the park, you can see a Giant Real Life Thomas from Thomas and Friends riding by! Join Ryan from RyanToysReview as he ride many kids rides all by himself like The Red Baron where kids can be a pilot controlling the airplane to come up and down by themselves! There are so outdoor rides where parents can join the kids like Caterpillar Ride! This is a fun video for kids who love doing outdoor activities and going on fun kids rides!

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Playground for Kids at LegoLand Amusement AMUSEMENT PARK FOR KIDS at Thomas 2 days ago   06:14

Ryan from Ryan ToysReview and his family had a family fun time playing at the playground for kids at LegoLand Amusement Park! There is a huge play center for children and Giant legos with cars for kids to play with! This toddler play center is such a great outdoor park like area for all kids to slide, jump, and climb around! This is a great video for children who loves legos and to play outside to have a fun playtime!

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