🇸🇩 Sudan protests: Amnesty Three killed as thousands of protesters 2 days ago   02:29

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Sudanese security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people taking part in anti-government protests in the capital Khartoum and other parts of the country.

Rights groups have accused Sudan's government of resorting to using excessive force against demonstrators, including some who were receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Omdurman.

Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports

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SohaiL Rehman
Free Thought
Here is the truth, all these protests are engineered by those who are currently blockading Qatar. The reason why is because Sudan is not hostile towards Qatar and Sudan has allowed Turkey to take a 99 year lease on Suakin, Sudan to rebuild infrastructure.
ghouse mohiuddin
Amnesty international what was it is doing when US forces bombed the hospital's?
Mohd Shafiq
free malaysia free sudan
Mohd Shafiq
down mahathir down bashir
guy Location
This is ISLAM..
No dignity, No humanity, No future
Syed Ahmed
1:40 Gets up and does a dance when people want him out. He is in power for three decades and does not want to go. When are dictators going to learn they ruin their countries because they are against a viable system to freely elect new leadership.
king zack
Ahhh dont these people not get tired of this “uprising” cycle...first Somalia Iraq, then Libya, syria and now Sudan? couple years after this president is overthrown and a new extremist group emerges and the country becomes lawless people will be looking back at these times and regret why they overthrew their president😏
Shakaking 24
At this rate Sudan will become the new Syria.
Alex K
This is the result of corruption, foreign powers have started Arab Spring, to make Sudan like IRAQ, SYRIYA & LIBIYA
Dele Brasov
Zionist bringing instability in Sudan...
Watch out the people of sudan.
Another false flag like Syria.
Shan Dam
The pride will cause the lies to fly now
Aman Andom
Dictators always want to take the country down with them. Need to be SMART. NEED ONE MAN ONE BULLET RIGHT ON THE HEAD OF OUR DICTATORS IN HORN OF AFRICA. ( ERITREA SUDAN EGYPT). Ethiopia has done it we need to follow.
Gaus Malik
It's new false flag like Syria...
ورقةً بن نوفل القرشي
We need new government and new constitution and new religion in Sudan we are very rich nation in resources and history but basheer and his moslem sharea law is the main problem in Sudan .
Munib Khan
Who else pees on the side of the toilet to make less noise?
Mati Velázquez
_And where's the Ikhwan and the Saudis with their moderate rebels to save the Sudanese democracy?_
Amnesty International being used to spread the propaganda even more. Sudan is under attack by western powers. Al bashir should better watch out. Money has exchanged hands...next is rebels and in a few years Sudan becomes like a dumpsite like all other invaded Arab nations
tony tookie
First woop! woop!
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Three killed as thousands of protesters 🇸🇩 Sudan protests: Amnesty 2 days ago   02:31

Warning: contains footage which some viewers may find distressing.

Protesters have attempted to reach the presidential palace of Omar al Bashir in an effort to force him to step down.

They were blocked by police offers who fired tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.

Three people were killed, including a doctor, a 14-year-old boy and a university student.

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