WACOM CINTIQ V.S. APPLE What's inside Strongest Apple 2 days ago   13:02

Can you use an iPad instead of a computer and drawing tablet? How doomed is Wacom rn? I'm testing the newest Cintiq against the newest iPad to settle this, once and for all!

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Jag's Tech World
don't know if you know yet but photoshop is coming to the iPad. In May they released the beta.
gacha phoenix
Every other artist: drawing tablet

Me: touchscreen Chromebook and a stylist
This is probably a dumb question but does saving and exporting images make the file type weird? I've had problems with my sisters mac where my pc couldn't read the file because it was made on an apple laptop and I don't want to find I can't take my pictures to get printed if I start drawing on an ipad.
May Lee
If you dislike the iPad screen, rough screen covers are available to give you the desired surface :)
I've got both, and I like both, for different reasons. I can take my iPad on the go with me, or use it while lying in bed. I like it for the convenience factor. I do think using Photoshop and the Wacom is a lot better, just because Photoshop is way more flexible and has a lot more options and things you can do, (and its an industry standard) but you can easily still make great art using the iPad. But also in the long run, the ipad+procreate is cheaper by far! Especially since the adobe suite is a subscription based service. You just have to find what works for you in your life, each one has its pros and cons.
Samantha MiNtOn
I have a question. How do you make your animations/ drawings move on a video?
Daniel Praźmo
The most important question is: can I rest my hand on the iPad while drawing?

And the one problem I see with the iPad solution, even if it might be nitpicking is that you don't have a cursor, so you can't see how big your brush can actually be before pressing down.I know it's not as important, but I rely on it pretty much when drawing on my PC. And most importantly: you can still have a reliable LCD tablet that doesn't cost a fortune, as long as instead of getting a Cintiq, you try an Huion Camvas or XP-PEN Artist that are way cheaper, but still get the work done.
Xxxartgamerxx X
I have an iPad mini that can pair with a pen and I’m saving up for a drawing tablet so far the iPad and the program that I have haven’t acted up at all I costed around 600 dollars for both things all together but of course I’m not an amazing drawer so I don’t notice all the mistakes in things
Did she just make Macom Chan and Apple Chan...?
I’m really having trouble on deciding what to buy because currently I draw and animate on my Samsung tab A with my finger I’m used to drawing on screens I want to buy a regular tablet because I think it’s the cheapest and best alternative to buy but I feel like I’m going to have a lot of trouble adjusting to it since I’m not drawing directly. Another thing is I want to start my own webcomic (webtoon) which I don’t know if I can make it as easily on an iPad rather than a tablet and computer so if anyone could recommend me a solution to this it would be super helpful
Mcr Is my life
800$ ..... I’m too broke😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
stefan johnsson
I’ve been using an iPad Pro since they came out. Until the release of the Apple Pencil I was never intresserad in drawing digitally at all, but I have used Photoshop for 20 years or so.

Lately I’ve been wanting a bigger screen to draw on and I’m surprised at the lack of options that can compete with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I see lag and stutter on all of Wacom’s displays. Rotating the canvas is just bad and the line just trails way behind. This does not look even close to the iPad Pro. I really with there was some more alternatives because I don’t think Apple will make a bigger iPad anytime soon.
an_ alien
me: *a person who uses my finger and small ass phone* cool, how much does cost- never mind. i just realized one dollar is out of my budget.
rosebored ‘
I want the Wacom Cintiq 15 HD but I can’t afford it :( but I have an iPad Pro :T
sad squidward
Hey, I'd like to ask for people's opinions, is a wacom a digital art tablet that can be used for fun and not only for work? I just want the wacom cintiq 16 but not for work
Tori W0Lf
I looked at Wacoms and they weren't a lot of money....is that good or bad?! I can't tell!😩
Joshua Kim
The biggest problem with wacom will always be the drivers. Wacom does not know how to make a stable driver...ever. Having calibration issues and constant bugs on their high end products is ridiculous. Thats why I’m getting rid of mine. Meanwhile my ipad 6th gen 32 gb that i got for $230 (open box+already on sale), and my gen1 apple pencil will probably never bug out on me. And definitely more portable.
Jaz C
For the ipad if you get a matte screen protector it feels like drawing on paper
Its LenaY
Hey!! About animation on the ipad, theres an app called rough animator, where you can sketch out your animation and export it as layer file to finish every single layer on procreate and bring it back to animate it!! Its amazing and i hugely recoment it! Make a video about it!😉❤
Dango Daydreams
I wish I could afford either of these 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Holy crap. I hate that most tablets need a computer for you to use them, I’m broke, I can’t buy this stuff! Ugh
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