By the way, Are You a Sociopath? Real Psychologist Reviews Mental 1 day ago   11:23

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Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay are doing a test to see if they have any sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths, by definition, are people with personality disorder that presents itself as extremely antisocial or a lack of conscience.
This is in no way an actual scientific test, people spend hundreds of dollars with psychiatric counselors to figure out a person's sociopath tendencies; this test won't do you justice. But, it is still a cool way of knowing how messed up you are inside and how cold/calculated you can be when you need to be.


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Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.

p.s. Jay is big dumb.
Sweet Vengeance
10:34 the art is amazing and in this frame they could honestly be like the stars in a show or anime type thing. Like the king and his right hand but it’s a really sadistic show and they’re killers
The RK900 Sent By Cyberlife
07:28 Jay has me dying
Minttu Mustonen
Hosuh you should do a face reveal!!!
Juls :3
The fact that Jay had 5 out of 6 right... DAN HIDE HOSUH!
Jeslyn Bong
Oh yeah hosuh,(this is off topic)
Aladdin in the new LA Aladdin movie sounds like you
Btw, can you survive yandere simulator?
clover of the Dollars
Knowing the little sister was the one who nursed the woman, maybe she was fed up with the reponsibility of taking care of her that she missed too many opportunities in life that's why she decided to kill her take revenge and eat her body to somehow make her sister pay for the time she's lost taking care of her
me8istakas28 dont care
shycopaths are born sociopaths are made
Pamela Mercado
Can u do zombie survival part 3
Alonzo Taylor
Before watching the video: Yeah probably.

After watching the video: I was mostly correct
Nicole Xu
AHHH I'm so happy animator is a fan of Dororo
Sodakraken /•_•\*
When is the next video going to come?
Skorpion hun
Video ideas:btw are you racist,btw can you survive in an 🎶amish paradise🎶
Master of Aura
You know I really love your calm titles
I feel like Jay should've been the Psychopath and not the Sociopath cause he's so much more qualified than Stephen
aidan johnson
Also I'm not a sa psychopath I'm just addicted to Killing and watching people suffer in pain.
Save 11 minutes and just look up the definition of sociopath and it’ll become pretty obvious if you are or aren’t.
aidan johnson
Hey Stephen to a Pennywise Immitation.
Piz do btw can you survive The Dragon Prince
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Real Psychologist Reviews Mental By the way, Are You a Sociopath? 1 day ago   12:09

What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Center, takes a look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture and tells us how accurate they really are.


Special thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu!

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