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Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay are doing a test to see if they have any sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths, by definition, are people with personality disorder that presents itself as extremely antisocial or a lack of conscience.
This is in no way an actual scientific test, people spend hundreds of dollars with psychiatric counselors to figure out a person's sociopath tendencies; this test won't do you justice. But, it is still a cool way of knowing how messed up you are inside and how cold/calculated you can be when you need to be.


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Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.

p.s. Jay is big dumb.
Fabian BURKE
How does the killer know my number?
Estefanía Santos
Just nerdy comment passing by:
The difference between Psychopath and Sociopath is that you can *born* as a Psychopath but you *became* a Sociopath. One is genetic and one is not. 🤙
Gemma Lousie
I want lots more jay ;-;
Cailey Roo
1a: I have no idea. Thinking on it more... Perhaps they didn't know that they had _my_ phone number, and thought they were calling their friend for backup?
1b: Oh. I thought that they were, like, right behind me.
2a: He wants to kill his boss. Perhaps his boss doesn't pay him enough to buy the fifty dollar knife. Also, he could pay for this five dollar knife easily with cash, leaving no trace. Even if he paid for the fifty dollar one with cash, the cashier would notice that.
2b: That is so much less well thought out than my reason...
3a: I can think of a couple of reasons. The first is that he wants the insurance money, although why he would wait until after she found out to kill her, I don't know. The second is that perhaps he was doing something that she didn't like, and she was going to kill him for it. And so he killed her in self-defense, and burned the house to hide evidence of the crime and the job.
3b: wut
4a: To savor her?
4b: Oh. But... they were already seeing each other every day... The younger one was the older one's nurse. Was the older one dying?
5a: It's not hard... They were a close-knit family. They cared a lot about each other. When the kid got bullied, the parents stopped the bullies. The only real question is: why every couple of months? Why not every time the kid came home upset? Perhaps the kid only got bullied every couple of months. Or perhaps the parents wanted to give the bully a chance to stop before his/her heart did.
5b: Hmm. In this instance, the answer makes more sense that mine. Although Occam's razor would suggest that mine is correct.
6a: I have NO idea.
6b: That makes sense, but the furniture and walls were clearly still white. Perhaps the floor was the first step? Then again, I could just _clean up after myself..._
Unknown Identity
For the knife question, I just figured that they wanted to kill their boss because they werent payed well for a hard job, therefore couldnt buy an expensive knife
alpha jackson
Oh boy, here I go self-diagnosing again!
ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali
Why a $5 knife?

A logical person: The person probably wabted to kill the boss because he wasn't being paid enough, so he couldn't afford a $50 knife

Me: Because it's duller and will cause more pain and I would want to see the person writhing in pain and begging for death. And when the person is dying, I can sit back and watch the life fade from his eyes.
Amazing flying Cat
dragon city is really good and I play since I was 4.
i am the monster
A psychopath is a clinicly insane of someone who loves kill and stuff like that a sociopath is someone who feel no empathy for his victims and or outher people
Sally Silver
This is so cute...
Btw this is pretty random but do any of you guys know Peniel from BTOB.. I always thought his accent was unique especially knowing that he was born and raised in Chicago. But then I've always thought Hosuh's voice is so familiar and it's similar to Peniel's. Is it an accent that occurs to certain Koreans that has NorthAmerican English as a first language... I got curious but couldn't get anything from googling...
This is Peniel :
Zun Win
"whoever wins gets bragging rights and a mental disorder" 🤣
I love how they got every single one instead of the serial killer's black floor... like... if he's a serial killer he KILLS. Killing mostly leads to blood all over the floor. So what colour makes more sense? WHITE? GREEN? YELLOW? Nooooo

lilgaby :-b
1. Because he wants to know you personally.
2. Because is cheaper
3. Because she could have helped him
4. Because in medicine everything is really expensive so she needed food
5. Because of the bulling
6. Because blood gets hidden better in black I know this because I only had black pj's when I was 3 cause I used to bleed out my nose everynight

I lost :(
cloud aberration
I have more points than jay ;-;
kira pinto
All of my anser were creepier then Jake's!!!!😂😂😂😂😬😬🤡🤡🤡🤪🤪🤪💀☠
Lyric 737
Plot twist hosuh was the sociopath all along
More Jay!!
Ferdinánd Föedl
Didn't watched the Video but I'm pretty Sure yea
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By the way, Can You Survive MAFIA? By the way, Are You a Sociopath? 1 day ago   13:57

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