New SF Apartment Tour—8 Years After Cats Meeting Owners After 2 days ago   08:44

We are finally all moved in and ready to give you a tour! Here's a full apartment room tour with Gatsby the Corgi & Me in our new place 8 Years after college! Tour our Entry Way, Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom!




Send Us Mail:
P.O. Box 111124
Campbell, CA 95011-1124

Items Featured in Video:
- Corgi On Fleek Leather Key Valet Tray (
- Corgi On Fleek Corgi Dreams Calendar
- Corgi On Fleek Embroidered Beanie
- Lenovo Smart Display & Google Home Hub
- Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum Cleaner (
- Topo by Ergodriven Standing Mat for Standing Desks (
- Lovesac Sactional Couch
- Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
- Fully Jarvis Standing Desk
- Bedjet (

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09greenboy galaxymaster
Ryen:what are you doing?
Edit:gatsby is very cute
Aaron Carbajal
Best house
James Choi
2:49 Hey I have a snake plant as well!
So Warm, Cozy and Fuzzy!
Unkown proJECT zOrgo
5:01 Gatsby said I dont know btw I'm new here and ur dog is so cute
LittleOnsiePinkGamer Adventures
While he talks about a snake plant gatsby just rolls around on his back
It's good to have money.
Christa Alyssa Beaverstock
I think that’s an umbrella plant.
Marines Laigner
Your new apartment is soooooo cool,and pretty!😵😍🤑🤑🤑👏👏👏😀😭👌🏻🐩
Thea DIY
3:18 to all the stuff on the table he said " easy access to my nintendo switch" people these dayzzz😂😂😂
Avery Liu
Gatsby so cute and smart
Simply Diana
Love this youtuber and his Corgi! I get my baby corgi on Easter and I am supper excited. I have been thinking about a corgi for years now and finally gave in. So seeing Ryan and Gatsby gets me excited for my Corgi!❤️
Donna Nancekivell
This is really a great place Ryen, I’m sure you and Gatsby will be very happy there.... can’t get over how much more room you have the fiddle leaf fig, they are fabulous but make sure it isn’t near the a/c as they don’t like drafts at all.....good luck in your new home.......
Heather Vipperman
It seems like this vlog is more a commercial for all the products you’re trying to sell instead of a vlog about your Corgi. I’m kinda over it.
Mohamad Nuril Anuar Mohamed Raimi
That a big apartment for a single dude!!! What a great life. Kudos
Gaetano Balducci
You are rich
Nenita Acuña
Nenita Acuña
ryen: gastby what are you doing
gastby: i dont know
Jasonfortniteplayer 21
2:50 the dog was playing and rowing around
Jane Gerow
Of course Gatsby has his own bathroom. The Gerow Weenies approve!
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Cats Meeting Owners After New SF Apartment Tour—8 Years After 2 days ago   04:08

Yeah well... They try at least. 😂
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Funny Pets prepared for you a video of Cats meeting owners, check it out!

So there you have it! Cats meeting owners. Yeah well... They try it quiet hard at least. 😂

Yan Tombovski
Cat meets the owner
Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)
Сергей Костин
Кот умывает хозяина Cat washes his master
Ксения Калинина
Кот лижет хозяина
Кошка Маруся целует меня. Она ищет дом
Влад Буфер
Кошка любит обниматься с хозяином
Shmegan Funny TimeShmegan Funny Time
Кот обнимает хозяина
Кошка встречает хозяина после длительной разлуки. 30 минут
Лучше Приколы
кошка встречает хозяина, улётное видео
артем лукин
кот встречает хозяина с работы
наталья сатушева
кот смешно встречает хозяина
Кот любит когда его гладят
SuperSuper HumorNow
КОТ ЛЮБИТ ОБНИМАТЬСЯ! Так трогательно, кот молодец, хочу такого
Demtchenko Katia
Кися Изис встречает хозяина
er9p fan
кот встречает меня...
Favorite Video
котик встречает хозяина с работы
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