'Brexit may be worse for EU than UK' Timothy Brexit explained: what happens 1 day ago   04:05

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In an interview with DW, British historian Timothy Garton Ash argued for a long Brexit extension or a soft Brexit, saying a no-deal Brexit could poison relations between the EU and the UK for decades and would be a boon for Europe's populist movements.
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Peter Nicho
Tough luck we had the EU elections its now the 28/05/2019 we will now send you 31 new Brexit Party MEP s all carbon copy of Nigel Farage.. We will be leaving on a wto no deal as we will force it through in the UK.
Keith Lynch
Being contrary to every other opinion I've heard, my view is that Brexit has been an astounding success!

I only voted for Brexit because I consider the EU as undemocratic. I was surprised, shocked and more than a little scared when it was anounced that the referendom result was to leave the EU.

Since the referendom, the British government and Parliament has repeatedly shown the English electorate that they do not represent them. The established parties have exposed the truth that democracy does not exist in UK politics. Exposing that truth, was the best thing to come from Brexit. Please god that we can capitalise on that truth and take advantage of it and shake up the political system. I've joined the Brexit party and will canvass in the EU elections. Leave means leave!
Zio Basher
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Mika Ham
Birgit says at 3.20 Garton Ash wants the democratic process to take over. So what was the referendum? A REFERENDUM is the PINNICLE of the democratic process, ask the people a specific question and get a specific answer. What can be more democratic than that? Anyone who thinks thats whats gone on in Westminster or in the EU council is democratic is a fool. The people voted and the result was clear. The only problem is vested interests don't like the result.
Timothy Garton Ash may be a fine historian but he speaks for no-one else other than himself. He is a Europhile who does not accept the result of the referendum and wants any process other that the UK leaving.
Éamonn Síoċáin
56% in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.
60% in Scotland voted to remain in the EU.
UK? What's that? There is no "United" Kingdom. The referendum proved it.
Fred Huybens
Actually, most Britons have the honesty of not blaming the EU for the current deadlock. They realize it's mainly self-inflicted.
Trevor Clark
Where we can stop buying eu goods and take holidays outside of the eu.
douglas todd
as we already left 29th March 2019, EU extension is illegal, article 50(2) is still in force , TIME extension only debated and voted on in house of commons, running out of time , and as the LORDS were having talks about needing more time,May thought this would cover it, as article 50(2) wasn,t debated and voted in house of LORDS, EU extension is illegal, so going by my calculations as article 50(2) became law on 16 th March2017 and states after 2yrs. if no agreement is reached no deal kicks in, so 16thMarch2019 is start of 3rd.year.so whoever calculated 29 March cann,t even add.
Tiny Nijman
, I found this man very unclear !
Kevin Wellwrought
Brexit is very good for the EU but not for Eastern Eurooean countries.
No. Britain is screwing itself - the EU will be just fine. Mr. Ash is sugarcoating this thing.
1. China will take over the preeminent economic position from the US and the EU will turn its sights there. The BRI initiative will be something Europe cannot refuse (and should not refuse).
2. Britain will become, at best, a marginal player. At worst (and the most likely outcome) Scotland, Wales, Ireland, will move on and find ways to remain with the EU.
3. Britain will be high risk as the government is making too many compromises, this will lead to a retraction of financial institutions to central Europe away from London. Once gone these cannot be recovered.
4. It is clear that Mr. Ash is trying the "stiff upper lip" thing. The time is now to stop this thing - in fact, the time may have already passed as there are too many structural changes that have already occurred. A shame really as Brexit was an unforced error. Major strategic geopolitical and geoeconomic issues should not be voted on in the manner that occurred. I understand that people were worried about 17 B pounds or something like that.... that would be a small price to pay if the clocks could be rewound... It will cost the UK far, far more starting immediately ....
Mariusz Furman
It oozed from him at the end (2:40). Political and legal disintegration of the UK already on the horizon will be still fine for England but some economic or political turbulences somewhere in distant future will somehow miraculously end the world, so the EU but the EU only will have a problem. No one else, the EU only!
His own words, translated from political Spinglish to common English. LOL.
Robert Brown
We can keep our 39billion and they can keep Merkels immigrants ,sounds like a good deal to me .
Adam Abele
For now I can only see the damage Brexit has done to UK. The disintegration is mainly within the UK and it affects everything: parliament, parties, economy, health system, taxation, budget, transportation, research and development, schools and universities, space agencies, agriculture ... the list goes on and on.
De Gaulle was right. These insufferable drama queens should never have been allowed to join in the first place.
Dcossi 1
"he's proud of the way parliament is behaving " , Yes because they don't want Brexit . The EU and remain MPs and the likes of Blair , and perhaps even May , are doing what was planned all along since 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU, delay ,delay ,delay , until the people give up on Brexit altogether . Believe me , a second referendum will be a stich up ,which remain will win . The only winners here will be career politicians ,big business ,the elite . Democracy is as good as dead.
John Doe
We want uk out! 17.4m people that are not welcome in EU! Stay on your island!
trevor francis
everything should have been in motion from day 1, to take over 2 yrs is a joke, the government need to stand down, and people with honour take there place, the people have been betrayed
Kushal Kumar
Brexit  has 
been  engaging  attention 
world-wide  ,  more 
so  during  the 
current  year  2019 
as  it  passed 
through  a  critical 
phase.  Now  , 
British  PM  Theresa 
May  has  been 
allowed  more  time 
up to  31  October 
2019  with  certain 
conditions  which  suggest 
that  Britain  will 
have  to  leave 
the  EU  , 
whether  deal  or 
no  deal  on 
that  date.  There 
is  another  crucial 
factor  in  between. 
Prime  Minister  May 
has  been  required 
to  hold  election 
on  23  May 
to  return  British 
members  to  a 
new  European  Parliament 
,  failing  which 
the  implication  would 
be  that  it 
would  leave  EU 
with  no  deal 
on  June 1.  In 
this  context  , 
readers  may  refresh 
this  Vedic  astrology 
writer’s   predictive  alerts  
of  a  month 
past   for  more 
care  and  appropriate 
strategy  covering  Britain 
also.  The  alert 
was  that  while 
mid-April  to  August  
in  2019  , 
making  a  period 
of  four  and 
a  half  months 
looked   to  be 
of  major  worrisome 
,  June  2019  
needed  more  attention. 
So  going  by 
conditions  set  by 
the  EU  and 
the  kind  of 
political  climate  in 
the  Britain  , 
last  week  of 
May  and  June  
in   present  year 
2019   appear  to 
be  of  particular 
worrisome  concern  for 
May  Govt.
Ralf Rath
Can the UK survive the next month? I believe the UK will collapse and disappear in history in the next 6 month! This British chaos and British disaster parliament and House of chaos cannot survive Britain or the UK. Britain is broken. British people are Broken. The UK is broken! Under this British chaos pressure, any other country in our world would die (except Germany)! So Britain and the UK will die maybe die out like the Dinosaurs died out or like the Roman empire that disappeared in history after a war with Germany. What a tragedy! And the EU can not help Britain. The only friend of Britain is - believe it or believe it not ( I can´t believe it!) is Merkel but I remember Merkel has started this British Chaos Bexit disaster in the UK with the immigration problem in Germany. And here again, is Germany - always Germany! - why is this middle European region so important for Europe and our world? Why does May always visit always Merkel? Why is May always in Germany? If in Germany goes something wrong then other countries and nations can collapse and disappear - we all know this. Therefore I always have warned do not touch Germany - it is dangerous! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
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Brexit explained: what happens 'Brexit may be worse for EU than UK' Timothy 1 day ago   11:08

Here's our guide to how Brexit will affect you.

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The UK is set to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019. But what happens next?

Economic crash? Restoring British democracy?

From hard Brexit and hard borders, to soft Brexit or the Chequers deal - here's everything you need to know.


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