How to Make Powerful Non Electric Water How to make Powerful Water Pump 5 months ago   03:51

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There is no need of electric power you can use it anywhere especially useful for remote areas where electricity is not available

- Brush Cutter Engine
- Water Pump
- Shaft Coupler
- Plywood
- Saddle Clamp
- Male Thread Adapter
- Male Pipe Connector
- Elbow Pipe Connector
- Female to FeMale Pipe Connector
- Clamp

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Suraj Hindu
What is cost to make it...
Abhishek Patidar
Shandar and Jan dar or damdar
Nisha Patil
I am gonna make it....For my science exhibition will it work ....................🤔🤔🤔
Plz tell fasttttt 100 200 replies plzzzzzzz

Anyways it's sodun☺️☺️👍👍
Harry Potter
You are a inteligent and genious.I am sure if You want to be a scientist you are the perfect for it.May Allah give you more ideas.
King of Technology
Osm Yaar what a idea bhai
viral of cricket world
malik gulraiz
nice one
VM Art Galaxy
Very nice....!
افكار جديدة
Three Crows Chase
Great video but music sucks. You don't need music.
vijay sharma tech
Nice video bhai
suraj soni
fudge Amin
What country u in
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I am the first viewers
Udit Chauhan
Nice video
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How to make Powerful Water Pump How to Make Powerful Non Electric Water 5 months ago   13:27

In this video, I am using a 775 motor, and i will the construction Powerful Water Pump 12volt, This is a really useful project, can be easily made at home, With 775 motor, We can get it in broken drill, or buy new Here :

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