Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official 10 Black Mirror Predictions That 1 day ago   01:48

Three new stories about the future we should have seen coming. Black Mirror returns June 5th.

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Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

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tatt oo sticker
Only 3 episodes?
Gabriele Tarallo
Notice how they didn't put Miley in the thumbnail because "Black Mirror Season 5" was enough
Djordje Cupic
Everything that Netflix touches turns to shit. Black Mirror is ruined. The perfect TV Show... I wonder who suggested these "brilliant" crossovers and ideas... 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Miley cyrus lmao
Danny Matten
Music too loud
The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back
It’s gonna be weird seeing all these stars in a show about how the cult of the celebrity and technology and self obsession is destroying us
panggop jio
I can’t wait to see what they cooked up
Don't care much for your A list actors @Netflix but the stories better be good.
Jihadi Jeff
Everyone's talking about the main cast
But nobody is showing support for my boy Topher Grace
Anonymous Commenter
hell yeah
Everyone's talking about Moriarty, Falcon, and Hannah Montana but I seem to be the only noticing Eric Forman at 1:11
Andrus V.
the participation of celebrities makes the series lose seriousness and intensity, is better unknown actors.
I love black mirror beyond comprehension. But for some reason I’m worried about this season. Am I alone? Serious question no trolling, that shits a waste of time.
Andy Ritchie
What's the song!?!
D Moneyy
its sad that directors of these new movies and shows, have to fuck everything up just to make women feel empowered ...
out of all the talented actors out there they choose that human herpe for the s5 premiere okay
Jeff Boski
Alex H
Black Mirror is this generation's version of Orwell's 1984
Savage Schnitzle
0:54 is that Pom klementiff
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10 Black Mirror Predictions That Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official 1 day ago   10:07

The scariest thing about Black Mirror is how close to reality it really is! Subscribe to our channel:

The world is changing so quickly that only one show seems to be keeping up. Black Mirror follows the breakneck trends in technology and presents us with a believable and nerve-wracking future. The cautionary tales of this anthology series feel so real and strangely relatable, it’s almost as if we’re looking at ourselves in the present. That’s probably because much of the technological advancements, cybersecurity threats, and evolved social behaviors are occurring right now in our own reality. So ScreenRant is going through the unbelievable tales of this modern day Twilight Zone and unveiling 10 things from Black Mirror that are already happening.

Google is giving us self-driving cars and contact lenses are in the works to record memories from the wearer’s point of view. A system of social media-based ratings won’t just be limited to businesses on Yelp, but to each and every person in China. Augmented Reality is more than a tool for gaming manufacturers, it provides a training environment for our government. Robots will replace our appliances, our pets, and perhaps even us. With our jobs set to be taken over by machines, we might have to earn our keeps by participating in merit-based programs. And while we track our health with computers and governments track their enemies with drones, there’s no telling what data is tracked by secret applications and hidden hackers. It’s a scary nightmarish world out there and Black Mirror provides some uncomfortable answers while asking some more concerning questions.

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