Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks Violence and Private Security in South 5 months ago   23:14

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from think tank the Atlantic Council used open source information and social media to find evidence of Russian troops across the border.

Using the Atlantic Council’s methodology, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky follows the digital and literal footprints of one Russian soldier, tracking him from eastern Ukraine to Siberia, to prove that Russian soldiers are fighting in Ukraine.

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The DuDe
Stay strong Ukranian brothers! All the support from Georgia
Modestas Sutkus
rassa parassa
Paul Walker
hmm UKR has US volunteers with former military service, so DPR cant have mongolian volunteers with former military service?
Sneaky Pewpz
Typical bumbling russians lol. Oops!! I mean, they weren't fooling anyone but themselves to begin with but this report is comedy gold. Good job Simon!
Scott Holliday
sneaky f n Russians
максим иванов
А кто спорит в России все про это знают
Zay Benton
Lol what would be funny if he sent him these pics 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Геннадий Zlabs
Хорошее расследование, а теперь проведите раследование роли USA в развале Украины, разжигании ненависти между братскими народами России и Украины, насаждении "нужных" идей народу Украины через радикальных карманных политиков. Сделаете?
These idiot liars from eastern Ukraine give me the giggles and most of the rest of the population of the rest of the world with common sense. You see, normal people know that every day townspeople dont just so happen to have a few t-72's, bmp's, anti-aicraft missles,etc in everyones possession. We know where these weapons of war came from and we also know that they didnt just come with an instruction pamphlet. They came with Russians to service and operate them. Especially the tanks. Plus thier family members back home are more than eager to tell the world where they were killed when that happens. Or are you gonna call thier mothers liars also.
Anthony Downs
That phone call was intense! It was almost like a spy movie phone type of call.
there is only one way for ukraine to win this war is tot rap russians with vodka. just place tons of vodka bottles near russian border and they will go back
Kamran Bashir
Meanwhile, India can't provide a single proof of their fake balakot strike.
The Crazy octopus
When you give him the phone and he gives you the press.
hita techi
No Russian soldiers in Ukraine, just like no CIA funding for Maidan
Got to admit it’s a brilliant idea to pick out a stranger on Facebook travel round and copy there photos then friend request them it’s genius level stalking
That’s a capital of a district Jesus man what a shithole
Synthetic Programming
Amazing investigation. This guy is my favorite investigative reporter on Vice by far. He's very objective and professional. He also seems to avoid bias and jumping to conclusions without proof. He should teach the Vice newcomers a thing or 7. Newer, younger vice reporters, make this guy your role model.
Zee Kay
Western propaganda at work!
Дмитрий Костылев
У меня знакомый не скрывает что он там воюет!
shao nicolas
*truth is so valuable it needs to be protected by a bodyguard of lies*
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Violence and Private Security in South Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks 5 months ago   17:17

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The high walls, electric fences, and private security guards surrounding South Africa's residences and businesses are as inherent to the country's landscape as Table Mountain is to Cape Town. And with good reason — South Africa's 2012-2013 crime statistics were the worst in a decade, with increases in murder, attempted murder, violent armed robbery, and carjackings.

Fear of crime has led to a boom in South Africa's private security industry since apartheid ended 20 years ago. The field's quick expansion is largely a result of continued social and economic inequality, increased violence, and inept police forces.

VICE News traveled to South Africa's mother city Cape Town to look at the lifestyle gap between those who can and cannot afford the luxury of safety.

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