The Ukrainian War: Weekly Update. On The Front Lines Of Libya’s Civil 1 day ago   03:38

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The weekly round up of events and updates concerning the Ukrainian War.

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Eli Rainey
Is this channel still up?
USA killed Russia, Ukraine and many other poor countries, especially on 10 Sep 2019 or later.
This channel is amazing! And as a German I am shocked by that Oktoberfest thing.
3:00 who are you to decide which political view is good or bad? Disgusting
peffiSC2source S
Lindemann is a member of the right-wing party AfD that rose in popularity after the refugee crisis and which like many other of these reactionary parties in Europe are suspected to have ties to Russia. They have a strong voterbase among German Russians (ethnic Germans that used to live in Russia and were repatriated in the 90s) and who generally are very pro-Putin (mostly because they consume Russian state media).

The party also being accused to be bankrolled by Russia, with some of its politicians visiting Moscow every now and then.

Suffice to say, the AfD is also very positive towards the political style of Putin which is, at the very least, authoritarian and culturally conservative. Lindemann also was invited to Crimea, calling it rightfully Russian and got some sort of award by Russian officials for his fight against fascism (no joke).
Mara Rijksen
Thanks for making these videos! Keep it up. They're really appreciated.
History Hustle
Keep up the great stuff. How about travelling possibilities to the LPR of DPR? Wonder what life looks like there...
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On The Front Lines Of Libya’s Civil The Ukrainian War: Weekly Update. 1 day ago   09:18

Libya currently has two parallel governments — the internationally-recognized Government of National Accord in the capital, Tripoli, and a second government in the east, propped up by the powerful military warlord, Khalifa Haftar.

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