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Recover, restore, protect. That's what the Clickfree is all about.

Equipped with patented technology and an impressive 500GB of memory, this fantastic device will automatically back up all of your emails and files. It restores everything to the original location and even allows you to transfer your personal files to a new computer.

What's more, this is also the first Clickfree The Shopping Channel has offered that provides backup for your Android Tablet and Smartphone using the Mobile Backup Drive. Your photos, music, videos, documents, applications and contacts are conveniently summarized in the built-in category viewer for easy retrieval and restoration to an existing or new device. It's that simple!

This remarkable bundle continues with an included 5GB of ElephantDrive Cloud Storage. This lets you access a large portion of your data from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Don't miss this great opportunity to invest in safety and security for an incredible value that is easy as plugging it in and following the prompts on screen—no software or set up required. With Clickfree, peace of mind has never been easier.

• The average Canadian home has more than one computer, with 500GB of storage, this device will cover them all
• Will work on Apple devices (iPod, iPad and iPhone)
• Clickfree C2 is PC & Mac compatible
• Over 1 million Clickfree backup drives have been sold worldwide
• Clickfree is a Canadian-based company
• All customer service is done in Canada
• Your data is backed up by category, making it very easy to find

• Clickfree 500GB C2 with Mobile Backup Software
• 5GB free ElephantDrive Cloud Storage
• Clickfree Mobile Backup Software
• USB 3.0 Cable
• Quick Start Guide
• Promotion Keys for 4 Clickfree Mobile App 5GB free Elephant Drive-Cloud

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 2-year warranty through the manufacturer.

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CNET How To - Expand storage on your Clickfree 500GB C2 Bundle with 10 months ago   02:51

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