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Best Cloud Storage (free):
Best Comparison:

If you're looking for the best cloud storage services there is a lot of digging to do. Unless you use our easy to use comparison chart and top list of cloud storage services that allow you to easily see which suit your needs best.

We test the services based on the following criteria:

Your service needs to be absolutely reliable because you cannot afford data loss.

You need to take the time it takes to upload files into consideration. Some cloud storage services are utterly slow making file transfer a chore.

✔✔ Security
Is your cloud storage service secure? Does it encrypt your files? You may want to check our detailed comparison chart to know all the details about a particular provider.

We test if services are easy to use and if even beginners can start right away backing up their files and using a cloud storage service to its full potential.

✔✔ Customer ratings
Our customer ratings will give you a good idea if a cloud storage service is worth exploring.

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Rajesh patel
plz add SMAC Cloud, one of the best cloud storage.
Can I have the mobile number of the speaker? 😍
Leslie Rowe
Que sorpresa, me encuentro a mi entrenador Alemán favorito y no andaba buscando nada de Fitness jaja, saludos Mauricio.
shadow jago SSJ
hold up transferred
cloud games save like guilty gear xrd on my xbox one?
Nick Wiser
I'm just confused because I researched whether "JustCloud" (the #1 ranked service) is legitimate or not, and it got a 1.5/5 legit score by 80 reviewers. People complained about getting hit with hidden fees, it not being unlimited storage, etc. So I don't know who to trust online these days!
Abdulrazaq Saeed cloud is the best of all time .
It is ad-free , fast upload , fast download , totally free .
And any one worldwide can make them a account !
MediaFire is the Worst ... only use the free version, pay and they will make you soon regret it
Kenny D.
Is there a way to get more storage without a sd card and without wifi?
Kreepy Pasta
Just buy a HDD and a usb dock. on average, you'll pay $30 for the dock, and $50 per 250G HDD. and it will always be accessible.
Jacob King
Dropbox is terrible, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Seriously. First of all, this isn't even a drop box. It's file synchronization. Second, it's not client-side encrypted. Dropbox will have access to all of your data if they choose to, and that means if they're compromised, so are your files. No layers of protection. Not only that, if you're trying to use it for business, it costs $125 per user. That's ridiculous, especially for such a poor service. If you want to share with a client, you have to make sure that a) your client has Dropbox and b) they have enough storage space to actually view the file you're trying to share. Don't risk embarrassment and don't waste your money. Seriously. Try anything else, Box, DriveHQ, Egnyte, ANYTHING but this garbage.
Awesome !
Jeffy Jeffrey
This was simply amazing.
Ivan Voloshyn
wow thats sickk
BFH Denmark
Good job mate, keep the videos coming!
kudos to you?
excellent job 5 stars
Me love this so muchy!
Marcin Lucek
Wow. That was actually very good. :O
Кристина Смирнова
This one is the Best by far
Paweł J
thats crazy stuff
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