Auto Backup Photos & Videos Video tutorial: Full automatic 12 months ago   01:03

Lee Sapara
In this video we will go through the options with the Google Photo Sync Utility for a Mac or PC and where to get the install file.

Open the Support Article on Screen

Download the Photo Sync Utility for Mac or PC

0:46 - Double Check your settings for each computer in the Application. Make sure your signed into the right account, All the locations you want to sync on the computer are checked, and the photo sizes are correct.

You can also get more storage space.

View and Edit Photos with Google Plus: Watch

Setup Auto-Backup for Android devices: Watch

To get to your private photos on any computer, log in to your Google Account at

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Video tutorial: Full automatic Auto Backup Photos & Videos 12 months ago   03:38

Dear friends! Watch this video tutorial that will walk you through auto start backup on plugging USB devise.
Download the latest version on official site
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