Finding Panda - Helping Friends Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #105 2 days ago   17:15

Hazel's Mom
We're going on a safari! Can you help Hazel's Mom find chimpanzee's friend the panda? We'll meet all sorts of new friends on our adventure and learn some really cool facts about animals along the way! Grab your adventure hats, Explorers!

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Cyndi Haas
Panda! Love pandas. Very creative video!
Patty Beare
Fun video! Thank you Hazel’s Mom! 👍
kid brain
That's awesome. You are the size of the toys. Fun & creative video❤️
💖new friends here at kid brain💖
Garry toy TV
wow.. awesome video😍
Big Like 8 and full view enjoyed
when your next video come?
Jakey-D Toys
Good job with the video! Recommended to us by Sparks Family TV! Cant wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!
The Dino Wrangler
We talk to each other as we try to solve the problem! We say the problem and see what are the best solutions then we choose the best solution!
Hazel's Mom
That silly panda, always eating or sleeping! We love to use teamwork in our house to help us solve a tricky problem or get things done faster. How do you like to use teamwork? Let me know your best teamwork story below!
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Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #105 Finding Panda - Helping Friends 2 days ago   05:49

Hero comes across an egg in the garden and while Leo was looking forward to meet a baby bird, a baby Komodo Dragon hatches from the egg instead!

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Leo the Wildlife Ranger
Embark on a learning journey with Junior Ranger Leo and his friends to learn fun facts about nature and wildlife that surround us on this beautiful planet!

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About Omens Studios
Creator and producer of Leo the Wildlife Ranger series, Omens Studios is an award-winning animation studio dedicated to creating entertaining stories and characters for kids of all ages.

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