Life in Ukraine Under Martial Усилить противовоздушную оборону собирается 1 day ago   05:59

Don't Speak
It appears Ukrainians are more concerned about martial law than about war with Russia.

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eric who knows
Don't speak check this out when you get a chance
Of all ironies: Putin has to do a preempt on the City of London if Europe is to be saved from a Marxist-Bolshe bloodbath. Then Brussels. Russians know. Hitler was right and he gave Europe 6 decades of freedom to figure it out, and no one did. At least thank the German people for their sacrifice, and sacrifice they did. It is truly disgusting what the west has done, not only usher in their own demise, but to watch and wait for their own genocide without lifting a stone.
Adam C
Russia is waging wars of agression all around the world, but so are many other countries!
Adam C
Maybe russia should invade ukraine, and get the fuck out of syria!
Adam C
this shit is getting really bad. Looks like america.
Matt Meehan
thank you for keeping us informed man. nobody is talking about this. I seen the Linguist document looking for a Russian a war zone environment. they are gearing up for war.
Turley Thornton
At 2:39, a lady said" the entire world should fight the enemy". She has it exactly right. The xx terrorists in the Ukraine will be coming to an area near us all. Please find Lee Stranahan's research and dive into it. This situation in the Ukraine does not make sense for a reason.
Judy Mcdougal
Thank you. Situations are getting worse for people all over. I watch aGuns and Gadgets for 2nd amendment news they are really going after people's firearms via backdoor legislation
Tennis Rich
feel sorry for anyone in the cross hairs who actually had no say in the " set up"
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Усилить противовоздушную оборону собирается Life in Ukraine Under Martial 1 day ago   02:56

На оккупированных территориях Украины замечено скопление российских войск. Только 80 тысяч военнослужащих России на территории Донбасса, и почти 100 кораблей на аннексированном полуострове в Крыму. Сегодня Президент Петро Порошенко передал в эскадрильи военно-воздушных сил дополнительную модернизированную технику - истребители, вертолеты и беспилотники. Юлия Божко знает подробности
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