2020 Ford Super Duty 10 Menacing Off-Road Vehicles 2019 2 days ago   12:47

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) A Deep Dive With The New Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8

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This was a great video, as always. Kudos to Joel Beltramo for his engineering skills as well as his excellent down to earth presentation that didn't overload us with too much tech talk. However, he did manage to talk about optimal air-fuel ratio (stoichiometric combustion). ;-)
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
After watching the new GM 6.6L, I going for the 7.3L.
george webster
Basically he said forced induction sucks, and there’s no replacement for displacement.
Joshua Farmer
Who else wants a super charger on top this bad boy with a 6 speed manual man can’t wait this floods the oilfield trading this 6.7 in ASAP
Joshua Farmer
Can’t wait to get one ain’t this like the old school 460 now with 6 bolt main and with fuel injection
BMB Motorsports
Can’t wait to see vmp or whipple get hold of one!!
Dan Coxie
I like this Andre guy, he seems like one of the few who are not biassed in regards to brand name specifics in the automotive industry.
Sumit John
The new 7.3 V8 has a variable flow oil pump!
If that oil pump is similar to those fitted on the 3.2 litre diesel in global market Rangers, then everyone is going to be in for a rude surprise.
That model of oil pump is incapable of self priming, ie, if you let the oil completely drip out during an oil change over the course of a few hours, the oil pump cannot self prime and pick up the new oil.
You have to let the old oil drip out, change filter, plug the sump and pour new oil in under 10 minutes or so.
A lot of ranger owners in Australia ended up with blown engines because of this design flaw.
Aaron Slippery
Then suddenly there will be a 7.3L Ecoboost ford F350 Superduty
Keith Noneya
Hum, this GAS engine JUST happens to come out to 7.3L, the same liter as the most reliable engine in Fords history, the 7.3L DIESEL. Hum sounds kinda fishy to me! The 7.3L Diesel is well known to every serious Diesel Truck owner because it's known for it's EXTREME reliability, 900,000 miles is not unheard of. Anyone who has one doesn't want to sell it. Anyone who needs one wants one! The real rub is that 7.3L Diesel in Fords from 99-2003 wasn't even build by Ford, but International Engines. It was a stop gap for Ford Motor Company while they developed the FORD 6.0 and we know how well that turned out, until the problems were resolved. Yep that GAS engine just happened to come out to 7.3L's.......RIIIIGGGHHHHTTTT! I don't believe Ford at all. This is a new low for Ford on the unsuspecting customers, especially after their expensively high maintenance engines they've been putting out since 2005. Heck since then you pretty much have to pull the bed and cab off the truck to work on it. Making it mostly dealer repair only. NO THANK YOU FORD, I'LL KEEP MY 7.3L INTERNATIONAL Engine in my Ford 2001 Lariat and you can keep your new trucks!
This engine had better work out for you guys, because you're getting a VERY BAD rep in the truck world lately. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya
I would like to drop this in the V10 excursion!
ford nut
That F-🎄 fifty is pretty sweet truck.
ford nut
About 450 horses power but it's going to be more about torque.
Devin Brewster
I want a twin turco 6.2
Douglas Fox
Durability and plastic intakes don't mix...Cheap bastards charge a Fortune for a truck and cant give you a steel or aluminum intake...They will have gasket issues...Also cast Iron Heads equal durability ..Not Aluminum...Glad their Not using a Plastic oil pan like them TRASHY Eco-trash v6's
Bill Beverly
Oh goody, plastic intake runners....fail.
Now, sell this as a crate motor with control/wiring package and you really got something...
Why dont you fix some of the shit you have put on the road lately instead of producing more shit.. Ford has become a joke since 03 and yes, I am a Ford man but its the truth
Roller valve train but not roller rocker arms?
What does 7.3 litre equate to in cubic inches? I’m too lazy to research.
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10 Menacing Off-Road Vehicles 2019 2020 Ford Super Duty 2 days ago   16:27

Punisher ✔ Hellcat ✔ Viking ✔ Full Metal Jacket ✔ Defender ✔ Tank ✔ Rhino ✔ King ✔
If you like mechanical bells and whistles and menacing engines, then let’s talk!
We’re looking at 10 menacing off-road vehicles
These vehicles aren’t for the faint of heart. Let’s see why.
10 Menacing Off-Road Vehicles 2019 - 2020 | SUV above All SUVs
| Amphibious | Expedition

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Featured Off-Road Vehicles ⭐
Honorable Mention:
MDX Defender
Starts at $76,700

10. Jeep Wrangler Full Metal Jacket
9. Terradyne Gurkha CIV
The civilian version of the RPV
8. Rezvani TANK
7. Amphicruiser Adventure
Starts at $180,000
6. Jeep Wrangler Hellcat 6x6 (aka Inferno)
5. Aton Impulse Viking 29031
Starts at $200,000
4. USSV Rhino GX
3. Devolro Shelby F-150
750-horsepower Bulletproof
2. Knight XV
Ultra-luxurious, handcrafted fully armored SUV
1. Karlmann King SUV
Exclusive customization,
every Karlmann is the unique one in the world.

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