15 Things You Didn't Know About How do Wind Turbines work ? 2 days ago   13:34

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Renewable Energy Industry | Industry Wednesday
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
How big is the renewable energy industry?
What is the market cap of the renewable energy industry?
How good is the renewable energy industry?
Is renewable energy worth it?
How to get renewable energy?
What are the best sources of renewable energy?
How far away are we from cities running on renewable energy?
How expensive are solar panels?
How can you get solar panels installed for free?
How much electricity is the renewable energy industry producing?
Which is the biggest company in the renewable energy industry?
Are the any cities running fully on renewable energy?
How polluting is the renewable energy industry?

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Hey Aluxers, how far do you think we are to a fully green powered Earth?
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Thread Bear
Northern Ireland. Not 'North Ireland'.
auto preneur1
Bitch, why setting acres of panels and building huge fans???
This is why it s still not enough and,
I sure will change this for fact!!!
I would hit you up honey if you're ready.
amanuel davinchi
make game industry
I find this info useful.. https://www.buzzingfacts.com/2019/05/top-5-advantages-of-using-solar-energy.html
Yoni Binstock
If you're interested in learning about how to get a job in one of the fast-growing industries while making a difference, check out the Udemy course "How To Get a Job in The Solar Industry" https://www.udemy.com/join/login-popup/?next=/how-to-get-a-job-in-the-solar-industry/learn/v4/
Her voice is so annoying..
that one guy c
Renewable energy sucks change my mind
Adrian Gonzalez
Spain is the leader on solar power not china/india/United states
Their is no such thing as clean energy simple as that.
Kevin Wy
We could be switched to 100% green, sustainable energy world wide in 10 years ! If we pull our heads out of our arus . Make the incentives by our governments and green energy industry worth it. This is how we make it a ...............reality.
Donald Smith
The wind turbine cost more than they will bring in, and the carbon footprint to make them is more than is saved by the power they replace. There are thousands of wind turbine burned up and will never put again. The US government spent billions on wind turbine. Most of it went to big money people that supported the right people in elections!
Ron Worthy
Why didn’t you talk about Kazakhstan? EXPO-2017(International exhibition of renewable energy) where over 130 countries took part in this! But you showed some pictures from the exhibition!
Speedy O
on number 16 the self sustaining house the earthship has the answer to that
blood knight
Thanks for the in site.
Æther Realm
Space based solar power has the unspoken danger of heating the planet with the microwaves beamed down to earth. Also wireless transmision from satelites in space heats up the planet like a microwave which has negative consequences in biological lifeforms. Global warming of the future will be electromagnetic radiation
Forever Anonymous
She mentioned giant wind farms but the uk has the largest wind farm in the ocean
Thirumaran Thirumaran
Renewable energy @t
David Schmidt
"...we analyze..." and yet it's presented as "15 things you didn't know about the..." Gee! How objective! How scientifically valid! NOT!!
sneha priya
Global Renewable Energy Market size is projected to reach approximately $1062.4 billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of close to 13.1% from $641.8 billion in 2017 during the forecast timeline 2018-2024.
Request a sample @ https://www.envisioninteligence.com/industry-report/global-renewable-energy-market/?utm_source=yt-chitti
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How do Wind Turbines work ? 15 Things You Didn't Know About 2 days ago   05:29

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Working of a wind turbine is illustrated in this video with the help of animation. The topic covered are blade design, use of brake, velocity sensor, yawing mechanism, blade tilting, wind turbine efficiency and Betz's limit.

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