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Hello Happy friends!
Are you ready to learn?
I’m Sarah, and today we’re going to solve a question I’m always asking myself… and I’m sure that many of you have too!
Look at these images!
Aren’t they beautiful?
There’s a rainbow, which looks like something magical, but…
The first thing you need to know, is that sunlight doesn’t have any colour, that’s why it’s called White light.
Although, it’s composed of the merging of different colours.
When sunlight passes through a transparent element, it is decomposed and dispersed into seven colours, as you can see, in this image.
This also happens when rain coincides with the sun, let’s take a look!
Sunlight, On its journey to the Earth, sunlight needs to pass though rain droplets, and this is when the 7 colours are dispersed, forming… a rainbow!
But realistically, a rainbow is never physically there, since it is only an optical illusion.
Light reaches our eyes and brain, which is where we create a mental image of a rainbow.
A rainbow is formed by 7 visible colours : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
There are lot’s of things about rainbows, that i’ve found out investigating for this video.
A fun fact about rainbows is that you can also see it at nighttime. This rainbow is called a moonbow.
So a daytime one is RAIN bow, and a nighttime one is Moonbow.
Goodbye Happy Friends, See you next time!
I hope you’re always ready to learn!

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EL MEGALODÓN. El tiburón come ballenas RAINBOWS: FIND OUT The seven colours 1 day ago   02:53

Vamos a conocer al tiburón más grande del mundo, ¡el megalodón! 😳

El megalodón es un tiburón gigante que existió en nuestro planeta hace dos millones de años. Tenía una gigantesca boca y comía ballenas, tortugas y tiburones más pequeños. 🐳🐢🐋

La verdad es que tendrían que dar mucho miedo. 😱

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