'How I survived the Brazil dam collapse' One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History 1 day ago   02:40

BBC News
What do you do when you see a huge mudslide coming and there's nowhere to go?

Elias Nunes gives a first-hand account of how he and his colleague survived the Brumadinho dam's collapse.

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Sinewave Vortex
Maybe just ask God to not do it in the first place.
Maísa De Sá
Sou brasileira e é muito triste o que aconteceu em Brumadinho 😭
Namz Namate
Praise God.. 🙏
Marty Modus
Don't people like this stop to consider how many other people prayed but did not survive? It's a weird, sad pathology to survive and think or imply that "God must have heard me and wanted me alive more than the people who prayed and died".
James Kirk
Rest in Peace
James Kirk
corrupted government.
José Henrique
José Henrique
the mud type came it broke because all dams type in the world have to be handled every year and the dam of the bean was not revised hence it caused the downfall all down on the ground l Brumadinho
All our science. All our hopes...our dreams are foolish! In the face of this, we are dust, nothing more. Unto this dust, we return. When he chooses for us to die, it is not our place to challenge God.
Alpha Male
Good for him.. his god listened to his prayers. When typhoon haiyan smashed the philippines, lots of people including little children prayed to save them but their god must've been somewhere else.
Matheus Paiva
i am from Brazil
Jan Costa
When claim to God!
Cristian Santos II
Isso foi um desastre. Força aos familiares e amigos das vítimas de Brumadinho
Dolor Alfaro
Ya...I believe in miracle.
richard medina
While wayching this tragedy i remember the very remarkable song HERO of mariah carey
Ernawati ER
Pater Noster...
Malcom Canning
BBC. Don't believe it
Francisco Arroyo
Thank goodness
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One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History 'How I survived the Brazil dam collapse' 1 day ago   04:05

Residents of the valley of Vajont in Italy had reservations about a new hydroelectric dam--especially when cracks began to appear in the nearby mountain. Their worst fears were soon to be confirmed.

From the Series: Make It Out Alive: Dam Disaster http://bit.ly/2A13Q2r

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