Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus FULL Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Review 1 day ago   11:47

The Tech Chap
The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (S10+) had a tough act to follow - the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been my daily driver for months. But is the S10 Plus a big upgrade, is it worth £900, and should we switch?
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The Tech Chap
UPDATE: I'm an idiot 😋 and forgot to mention the Pixel 3 does of course have a dedicated nightscape mode. Also, while the s10 technically has a night mode. You can't manually turn it on, it has tobe VERY dark, and tbh it doesn't make much difference.
jason beedle
I got the S10 and people looking to get it the first thing I'd do while you're waiting for it to be delivered is go get a case. It can get slippy and it's too beautiful to be throwing a desk without a case
Loving the Cooler Master H500M in back! I have the same PC Case!
Nafis Ismam
What is that you were playing?
Galen Marek
This phone is overrated:
- On-Screen finger print: the Mate 20 Pro has it since last year
-Wide angle camera: LG is been doing it for years (at least since the LG G4)
- Notch or screen holes: iPhone X started it, major companies followed.
What’s new? The Bixby button can be remapped! Is it worth £1000? No
Great video.
DZJ 81
Got the s9 an its great so you cant go wrong with s10 but wait 3 months so you dont get raped
berting labra
iwant this but my money not afford from Philippines
Unstoppable Tramp
Is it a worthwhile upgrade from my Nokia 3210?
David Bowron
When is the S10+ 5g Model due to be released?
Brandon Burse
Bro your showing too many phones just show the 10s (iphone user)
Give me this phone please
Collins Eban
Then note 10 comes out..."Samsung Galaxy Note 10, full review: Why I'm switching!
Great video mate
Lucky Guy
Hamza J
How did he get the futurama theme?
Richard Ivanyi
Biggest POS phone, returned mine after 10 days of use. Fingerprint reader and facial recognition is horrible. Also their security has gone backwards. You can seriously unlock the phone with a photo of the person.
Have the Android fan boys stopped complaining how the iPhone so expensive is? Espacialy when their phones loose 50% in value after 3-6 months?
Curtis Harrington
yo dude, what's your screen on time after a full day?
Jim Armstrong
Just got my S10PLUS 2 days ago. Love it. Used my right thumb print to open. No problem very easy. I ordered the 128GB version. I was pleasantly surprised to find a free 128GB micro sim in the box. Also came with free sim card and 3 month of service from Mint Mobile. Those were the icing on the cake
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Review Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus FULL 1 day ago   15:55

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A Samsung costuma reservar suas maiores novidades em smartphones para o Galaxy S de geração par. Na décima, a linha de celulares premium chega inicialmente ao Brasil em três modelos, sendo que o mais completo é o Galaxy S10+. Ele traz um design renovado, bateria maior e tela gigante, além de tecnologias novas para um flagship da marca, como o leitor de impressões digitais sob o display e uma câmera ultrawide, que serve para mais do que apenas tirar fotos com maior campo de visão.

Será que ele é bom mesmo? Vale a pena gastar milhares de reais no lançamento da Samsung? A bateria de 4.100 mAh é muito melhor que a do antecessor? O sensor biométrico embutido na tela é confiável? E a câmera, é tudo isso que a empresa fala na propaganda? Eu usei o Galaxy S10+ como meu smartphone principal por uma semana e respondo tudo nos próximos minutos.

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