A Renewable Energy Revolution in Small-Town How Denmark aims to run on clean energy 2 days ago   08:25

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A move towards sustainable energy is often talked about as an issue for big government, especially during the 2016 election. However, across the United States, progress is being made in biofuel, wind, and solar power at the grassroots. Atlantic national correspondent James Fallows and contributing writer Deborah Fallows travelled to Pennsylvania, California, and Kansas to see how these ventures are moving the nation away from fossil fuels from the bottom-up. In Spearville, Kansas, for example, wind turbines are driving the economy. “Out here, anything under 20 miles per hour is a breeze,” says Kevin Heeke, the town’s mayor. “The wind turbines generate electricity and ship all of it back east.”

This documentary was produced for American Futures, an ongoing reporting project from James and Deborah Fallows. The couple has spent three years exploring small town America by air, “taking seriously places that don’t usually get registered seriously.”

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Emily Marble
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H2innovationLab Smith
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Shanta Hsieh
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There is no such Thing as "Bio"Diesel really. In any case there is nothing "bio" or ethical about it. If crops are used to produce the "bio"diesel, the fuel becomes a competitor to Food production and leads to global price rises for corn (etc.) "Bio-Diese"l thus promotes hunger. An alternative would be "power to gas" from windmills etc.
This is murder of the people. Biomass kills and so does wind/solar. It's a wound that needs to die.
Lane Gaspar
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Hero LOLz
eat your own people this is so amazing that i hate it it makes me mad
Bdw biofuel.. All biogas plants here died from bad economics and some survive by lots of tax insertion.Same as those windmills.But somehow more tax(they got that perfected)still flows to those.More money the last ten years than NASA has ever seen! But for that we get more than double the grid and intermittent generators }>
Most fun,In the Netherlands those mills get backed by sooty diesel generators of the kind you can enjoy at festivals and fun fairs.
No one of those environmentalists wanders what would one of those mills use in mid winter with no wind.The mill heating or rotator motor for de-icing and the computer that controls it all,the convertor that's always on,the cables and transformers inductive/capacitive and serious resistive losses load loads that are always online! Even when the machine sits stil. No operator would build grid power like that..It's fundamentally stupid.
And Germany burns more crappy brown coal than ever now they are closing their nuke plants!
thet first scene says it all.No wind no power.
Just as here in Germany/The Netherlands..Days without wind and significant sun most of the winter.#coal runs the backup.
Steven Song
2:46 - 3:19
Debra Tunnicliff
It's all hog wash! We have these wind mills all over our mountains here & we get nothing from it! There are well over 200 or more wind mills around here too. But parts of other states do, We supply them. How fair is that?! We were told some yrs. ago, we would get this energy too & no more electric bill. Just a small amount to pay for their set up. Of course, we were lied to! And, they have the pipe line here as well, sucking up natural gas, out of people fields & they were supposed pay them well. Most of them got screwed royally!
I know you guys dont get much love, but I just love your mini-documentaries! Please, keep it up!
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How Denmark aims to run on clean energy A Renewable Energy Revolution in Small-Town 2 days ago   10:01

In Denmark, officials have taken strides to minimize the effects of climate change by converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. Over the next 35 years, the country aspires to become the first nation on earth to run completely, including transportation, on clean energy. NewsHour Special Correspondent Lisa Desai reports.

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