24 hours in my closet challenge! I only ate RED food for 24 HOURS challenge!!! 2 days ago   12:51

Dani Cohn
so here it is another 24 hour challenge. This time my Boyfriend and I did the 24 hours in my closet challenge! it was extremely tough but we both made it out alive! Watch till the end to find out what happens to me LOL!

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Stk 937
For everyone who is saying that Dani said oh and you tell us six minutes before when it was 6:53 basically it was 6 minutes and seconds it wasn't a full 7 minutes
Azamya Cruz
What game was she playing
Emersyn Segura
So funny when Mikey dropped Dani hilarious no he love them
Audrey Lynch
9:57 - see, little child... just proves the point. Lol-!!!!
"nooo, not again"...
Jamie Aguilar
2:46 i can’t 💀💀
natalie huang
Their meals are making my stomach hurt just by looking at it...
h i
*her nails are longer than the time she’s been on this world*
itsjust5ofia Rojas
And she has a bf?
itsjust5ofia Rojas
Why does she sound like she is 9
gabriella silvis
how old is dani
Callan Redhi
Mikey: tries to carry his gf and drops her
Me: bust!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Like if u think she is too young to be spending 24 hrs with her bf which is older than her 😐

Bust means dying of laughter btw😅
Sophie Lowry
wtf is that like why did she jump on him that’s so gay
Suneh Safarian
Guys stop leaving hate comments.....

I’m tired of liking them
Felicia Marcos
*9 months later*
Dani’s video title: Having My Baby!*Not Clickbait *
Janidelf Rodriguez
Danielle is like that annoying ass little sister or kid that you have to babysit.
Alexa Danielle
Why is seb actually so funny like fr 🤣😫
Amber Baron
Omg he’s playing fortnite on a switch
Rhiannon Okelly
Stay in a car trunk together for 24 hours
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I only ate RED food for 24 HOURS challenge!!! 24 hours in my closet challenge! 2 days ago   12:36

I only ate RED food for 24 HOURS!!
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