President Trump Delivers Remarks Why renewables can’t save the planet 1 day ago   1:15:47

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Rob Esveldt
The left wants to destroy the earth by green energy. Forrest, land and sea for windmils, solarpanels. Solarpanels on water so light does not come in to water.
Please get those funds to the small American independent farmers. They need the most support.
Student Chao Ren
27:17 START
Watching TrainsgoBy
Everyone that's sane wants renewable energy. We want cheap, safe, clean energy to keep our society's working and moving forward. But the left are so insane that they would rather destroy society to create an impossible vision that they don't take the time to think through. NOT the immediate destruction to the economy or people, or the actual impact on the environment.
Doubt this helps any farmers at the local farmers markets. Hurts them if anything by pricing them out.
Ethanol soaks up water/moisture from air and destroys small motors. Slowly ruins car motors.
Joshua Joestar
Bush 3.0, Obozo 2.0
Joshua Joestar
Trump can suck my dick, anti gun piece of shit yankee
Rosa Frausto
You got to see this YouTube video, by the john donne show, "Deep State Strikes Again . . . " In it, one can see government workers publicly & intentionally leaving border-gates open & locking one of then OPEN, so it could not be closed in one of the most valuable corredors to the carteles. These actions enable organized crime & illegal migrants to enter the US undeterred. What is being done is unbelievable.
The Intellectual Dark Web
Hard to believe this is a victory for farming families. A victory for corporate ag but not family farmers.
Del Monte
bravo president trump!😁
I don't like ethanol but unlike Tink Ertime I will not vote for anyone else in 2020 because of this stupid issue.
Greg Adams
E-85 gives you poor mileage.

MPG. Due to ethanol's lower energy content, FFVs operating on E85 get roughly 15% to 27% fewer miles per gallon than when operating on regular gasoline, depending on the ethanol content. Regular gasoline typically contains about 10% ethanol.5
Tink Ertime
Trump got my vote, Had my vote, lost my vote!
Renewable energy has it's place in geographic locations.

Geothermal in the US northwest, wind in the midwest
Raquel L
No matter how you cut it , slice it , or dice it ,
Need to make Mexico our China... piss on China... bring the jobs to mexico !!!
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Why renewables can’t save the planet President Trump Delivers Remarks 1 day ago   17:33

Environmentalists have long promoted renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind farms to save the climate. But what about when those technologies destroy the environment? In this provocative talk, Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment” and energy expert, Michael Shellenberger explains why solar and wind farms require so much land for mining and energy production, and an alternative path to saving both the climate and the natural environment. Michael Shellenberger is a Time Magazine Hero of the Environment and President of Environmental Progress, a research and policy organization. A lifelong environmentalist, Michael changed his mind about nuclear energy and has helped save enough nuclear reactors to prevent an increase in carbon emissions equivalent to adding more than 10 million cars to the road. He lives in Berkeley, California. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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