Which Countries Will Be Underwater How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts? 2 days ago   03:31

Climate change is a hot topic, and sea levels are expected to rise significantly. Which countries are most at risk? Tara is here to discuss which countries are suffer from regular coastal flooding.

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New Analysis Shows Global Exposure to Sea Level Rise
“Climate Central just completed a novel analysis of worldwide exposure to sea level rise and coastal flooding. We found that 147 to 216 million people live on land that will be below sea level or regular flood levels by the end of the century, assuming emissions of heat-trapping gases continue on their current trend.”

Flooding Risk From Climate Change, Country by Country
“More than a quarter of Vietnam’s residents live in areas likely to be subject to regular floods by the end of the century.”


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Comments 1069 Comments

Nearmine dotcom
Points out irony of china, then ironically advertises an ice vehicle
Nearmine dotcom
It doesnt say about farm land that would be affected theb leading to food shortages and starvation. Most of the northern hemisphere would be affected
Henk Oosterink
Half of my country is already under sea level, so what is the problem?
Camilo Hinojosa
I think you forgot about Kiribati
Kitty Commits oof
I live in China...IM SCREWED
0 countries will be underwater, because "global warming" is a hoax! The ice is NOT melting and it will NOT melt!!
Ciaran McElvaney
If she actually believed half the crap she was peddling she wouldn’t be advertising an ICE car. Not one single climate change computer model has been proven to be accurate. I’m in New York City right now and according to Gore I’m supposed to be drowning.
Total crap. Yes there is climate change, the earth has allways had a changing climate, it is only human megalomenia thinking that we are the cause of this changing climate now.Winter's are getting colder, snowfalls increase all over the world but if you listen to the media we are still getting roosted by extreem heat.
elo1013 gamer
Im from the philippines by watching this im scared
TJ Devereaux
Pathetic and ironic that this episode on sea level rise is being sponsored by a product that is directly responsible for sea level rise! Can you say hypocrisy everybody?
mike harding
How much energy does it take to produce a Subaru, how much steel, how much rubber, how much copper, etc etc..Why don't you do the show sitting in a Subaru, drive round the car park sitting in a Subaru, with your bikini on and Subaru printed on your panties..Wow.
Embeded adverts are C**P..Kindly go away...
Donna Chanthalima
Laos is flooding so was japan and cambodia this pass month. Estimate is pretty accurate.
Most cities will be flooded by 2016
Maaz Ali
hell it includes me ...maldives
levin ahmed
2100. That’s a throw back to science from the 1970s
Austin Price
Now the question is will we "wisen" up before it's too late?
Sarada Uchiha
Subarus are awesome
Computer Addic
i Can tell you immediatly wich countries......None!!Not any country as of Climate Change...It is all bullshit all those lies.
There is no evidence of anything the alarmists proclaim.Global temperature is steady for 20 years,despite the increasing CO 2.
master jackoff
Lol brought to you by Subaru. I don't like Subaru and I don't like people. Liter and pollution are my best friends. Go global warming!!
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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts? Which Countries Will Be Underwater 2 days ago   06:34

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