Samsung Galaxy S Duos Tips, How to Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung 2 days ago   08:06

This video talks about tips and tricks, helps and some hidden and less known tips about the Samsung Galaxy S Duos user interface and functions. This is part 1 of the video, part 2 link -
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I can't see any thing clearly
Bipasa Sarkar
how can we choose always ask option at the time of calling in samsung duos
Oljie S. Buot
how to use a free data?
Jevaughn Stewart
which os were u running
Isis this duos 2
Felipe de Souza
How do you make your Samsung Galaxy S Duos get so fast?
I bought one, but my one week of use is already super slow.
mukesh kini
wow bob! ur genius
we should get a noble price for ur discover
douche bag
mukesh kini
dude u need to root ur phone
Surajeet Baral
u r right bro.
Sadiq Khan
mujhe laga mere ghar koi aaya hai :P
sainol palanius
my samsung galaxy s duos too can't save the app on my sd card .. please help me ..
Razor Blast
why not in English to understand?
Sanjeev Divekar
I am using same phone but don't have Power saving mode
Dumb do have a task manager option..and you didn't kill the apps from that remove all removed recently used apps
Actually i have an S duos
But the beattry lifé Did not last longer i want à solution
I reccomend you people to avoid getting this device If you are good gammers, it has a very bad cpu u can buy canvas xperia sola or put little mpre mony and bring canvas HD
eric g
Fuck!!! Can't anyone with a clear english accent do this fucking demo? Why choose an Indian guy to make the voice over? Who the fucking hell undrstands this except for the Indians??

Prashant Mestry
How to remove system application on Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
hell yeah
mlother fucker u think we are fools huh go and fuck uoslf
most people dnt kno huh...maybe its uo family who dnt kno bout this dnt waste uo tym and ours too....stupid moron
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How to Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung Samsung Galaxy S Duos Tips, 2 days ago   06:07

Watch our list of tips on how to maximize your battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Truth be told, this phone packs a lot of features, and none of these is battery friendly, so let's dive in and go through which ones are worth turning off and which ones off.


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How to Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S III | Pocketnow


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