EPISODE 9 TRAILER FULL BREAKDOWN Everything You Missed in the Star Wars 2 days ago   07:15

Star Wars Theory
we just got the Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer so here's the full breakdown.
We go over scenes of Rey with the Skywalker lightsaber, Kylo with his helmet fixed, and shots of other returning characters. We also see...the return of the Death Star and hear Darth Sidious/Palpatine's voice...with the title reveal of Rise of Skywalker...could this mean it's about Luke Skywalker? Anakin Skywalker? Rey? Kylo?

I can't wait!!!!!

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Star Wars Theory
a surprise to be sure...
My theory? Palpatine is back so they can sell more movie tickets.

Sorry if that sounds grim, but I have no faith in disney anymore...
Nathan Dawe
Siths can link part of their souls to another body, part or place. This is maybe a way of how plagieus linked his soul to his apprentice, palatine so that he could live on. This is not connected to the legends canon but is more than likely to be introduced as a canon now as it is a perfect tie-in to the comics film era
Why would anyone thumbs up this garbage. Star Wars ended at episode 6. This recent trilogy is an insult to actual fans.
Eric B
...do you think they're introducing the World Between Worlds?
Eric B
I can't wait to see Obiwan talk to Qui Gon in the Obiwan movie Disney would be stupid to not make
What if it was the laugh of master yoda
Fayn Chien
I think the man that Kylo kills looks exactly like a member of knights of ren. Did you guys see Star Wars 9 poster? There are six men dressed in black in left. I think they are knights of ren.
Hey maybe there will actually be a story in this movie. Maybe there will be force ghosts of MANY past heroes. Maybe there will be training, progression, substance, force powers and you know LIGHTSABER battles...Maybe just maybe it will be kind of like a Star Wars movie.
Hulk Hogan
The guy kylo is killing in the teaser looks a lot like the guy he impaled called clan leader in Rey's vision in ep 7
Now that the saga is ending...

The only hope is for someone to time travel before the sequels and stop disney from ruining the entire franchise.

Alternatively, since it's already messed up, why not have all the characters from all chapters meet up for a disco dance off with the Death star up in the sky as a huge disco ball shooting lasers randomly all over the place. Probably be better than what we've gotten so far.
Hugh Mann
The Rise Of Skywalker *could* mean that this movie will show us how Anakin was created or born. Hence "rise"
Film genie
I think Palpatine had a clone of Anakin in secret a the new enemy is that clone thats the persone in the beginning of the trailer that rey attacks or something like that
Jeff Gutierrez
... After the massacred prequels and the botched Disney releases... Zero interest... My vote is a vote of no confidence. The original trilogy, still the best.
Jeremy Lyons
Shaar Lahat
Wonder how they are going to fix everything that this last star wars movie did. Because one movie basically single handedly ruined the feel of the whole story. The last jedi was that bad...
Etel Bik
Row lit again
That planet was Landon’s planet
Corvair Lane
> Press "M".
> Press Play.
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> Crowd.
> More motion pictures.
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You're welcome.
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Everything You Missed in the Star Wars EPISODE 9 TRAILER FULL BREAKDOWN 2 days ago   22:07

Let's go over everything you missed in the Star Wars Episode 9 trailer. The Rise of Skywalker

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