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💭?? Why do you think the brain is the most important organ?
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Very useful
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Very nice video. I enjoyed watching this.
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Creative Way for Kids to Learn about The Human Brain. Great. Big Like 2. You are Welcome my Friends
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MEGALODON: THE WHALE EATING SHARK The Human Brain | Educational Videos 2 days ago   02:51

💭Who knows who's the closest living relative to the Megalodon??
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Learning with Sarah, you'll find this out and much more by learning with Sarah...
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Hello Happy Friends!
Are you ready to learn?
I’m Sarah, and today, we’re going to meet the largest shark ever to exist!
Today. we’re going to get to know Megalodon, the whale-eating shark.
Megalodon was a giant shark that lived in the earth’s seas.
It became extinct 2 .5 million years ago, but investigators still don’t know why!
We still have a lot to discover about Megalodon.

This gigantic shark measured almost 20m long,
and weighed 50 tons… 50 thousand kg!
Megalodons would primarily feed from whales, (2.0) turtles, (2.0) and smaller sharks.

It used to catch its prey with its humungous mouth, that had 280 gigantic and sharpened teeth.

Apart from being the largest fish that has ever existed, -remember, that sharks are fish
We also know, that they could live up to 100 years!
We know this, thanks to the fossils that have been found

Although there are some people that believe that Megalodons still exist, investigators completely deny this.

Also, they assure that they were extinct over 2 million years ago.

The closest living relative to the megalodon, is the white shark.

This shark is also a great hunter!
It can reach 7m long and weigh 3 thousand kg!

Looking at the white shark, and thinking that the megalodon was much bigger than this, we can just imagine how scary it was!

Goodbye Happy Friends, See you next time!
I hope you’re always ready to learn!


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