SINISTER 2 (2015) Ending Explained INSIDIOUS Trilogy Explained (Chapters 2 days ago   22:22

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Bagul returns in SINISTER 2, where he has set his sights on a new family to destroy. The only one that can save the day is the bumbling Deputy So and So, but is he up to the task? I mean, he's kind of a goofball. Breaking down the story, the new rules and layers introduced about Bagul, and explaining the big twist and ending.

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Mr Lupalos
Another stupid movie
Abby Taylor
Please do the Hostel series!!
Dreadlight Gaming Official
Im sorry, but did he say bagel? 😂
Mitocondria S.
Aww poor Clint is a sweetheart he was just trying his best 😭
My coffee went all over my keyboard when you said c**t instead of Clint XD glad I watched this as I've been 50/50 about watching S2 as I enjoyed the first one. Bullet dodged!
Yd Yx
Mr Cunt
Ryan Elgie
Mick Thompson how could you do this to kids? (Also this movie made me Dookie my pants even tho I didn't finish it fully, my friends not shutting up and horror movies not scaring me, but the murder films actually fucked me up Nd now I have to watch this to be able to sleep UwU)
Please watch and make a video on SOUTHBOUND!!!!
Reggie Siamen
You should really monetize your videos more, you deserve to earn money from what you do
Rodney Turkson
Still like ‘so and so’
XD Kooya08
I mean at least mr cunt I mean Clint dies anyway
The Lost Ranger
ok, so another scenario for a killing. at the end of the movie, the house where the ritual happen burnt down and they all leave tand "move in" to a motel, so... that means if Bagul kills them in the motel, that room will become the next sight for the next vitems?... and thus whoever stays in that room will always be "hunted" by Bagul? ...
Bongo Cat Nguyen
First Sacramento. That hits close to home. Then my name. Oh god
Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia
A court session for custody without the mother LMFAO.
James Crisman
Explaining Sinister 2 with a video that is 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Something smells fishy
Seth Houser
Yeah, I have watched a lot of horror films when I was a kid. I knew that killing was wrong. Just because a kid sees a bunch of murders, does not mean they will turn evil. I think the Sinister movies are idiotic.
Matthew Robertson
Roasted the hell out of this film xD
saynapix tube
This was my first horror movie watching alone without my parents, me and my siblings sat in that living room with blankets over are heads for 2 hours
bacon ripper360
Since your bringing back the old. Do the grudge and 1408 Pls. I need to watch it.
Adut Mabior
I actually really enjoyed the 2nd one compared to the 1st. But as always I love your reviews.
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INSIDIOUS Trilogy Explained (Chapters SINISTER 2 (2015) Ending Explained 2 days ago   23:13

In depth look at the original INSIDIOUS Trilogy. Explaining all three films, plus the series mythology like the Further & breaking down the various main entities (Red Devil, Black Bride, The Man Who Can't Breathe)

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