3 Unbelievable Renewable Energy Sources 5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas 2 days ago   05:07

Richard Aguilar
Don't you know that ocean waves can be a very good source of renewable energy? In this video, you will learn how we can generate electricity from the ocean waves. Watch These 3 Unbelievable Renewable Energy Sources you've never seen before.

Number 3. The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter
Number 2. The CETO System
Number 1. The Ocean Wave Power Plant

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The only problem with those waves or wave energy is that there are so irregular someday sometimes they are super high sometimes they are super low what happens if there's a storm then that whole system gets rocked about and may break and or even rolled on its side
Gurjaipal singh Gill
Are they tsunami resistant?
IThinkWithMy Dick
Get me ANY job in these fields!! I'll work sweeping the floors if you want!!
A.J. Yahye
Mr. Richard, thanks for your information about rechargeable energy. .so, I am wondering, if we can get these, renewable energy tech, in our country Somalia. .
Mr. Rechard, we have the longst sea shore in Africa stretching between ,Djabuti and Kenya borders...Indian Ocean and red sea...we need badly electricity, therfore, we ask you more information about companies made , and the best way we can get help. Thanks
glenn goodale
Well done
Michael Obermaier
Nothing new
PROUD Creationis†
What exactly do you mean unbelievable? These are quite believable and predictable. Some of these technology concepts have been around for 12+ years and there’s a reason we don’t see more of them. To inefficient, to expensive.
This is genius, we LIVE on a Perpetual Motion Machine, when we start capturing it we will reach the stars.
Lonnie Smith
How is the electricity transferred from these offshore power generators to consumers?
Larry Wright
I like that that is very cool very ingenious thank you Richard for showing me this
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5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas 3 Unbelievable Renewable Energy Sources 2 days ago   12:08

Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project - https://billionsinchange.com/solutions/limitless-energy/, http://www.stage2innovations.com/
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - http://www.turbulent.be/
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - http://www.altaeros.com/
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - https://www.powerdtp.nl/
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - https://www.ciel-et-terre.net/

Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - https://ufl.ae/videow/DxD7XkeJ8tQ, https://www.iter.org/
Nuclear Waste Reactor - https://ufl.ae/videow/Fe7T3W9UrAK, http://gehitachiprism.com/


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