Apex Legends Top 10 Tips Apex Legends Ultimativer Guide! 1 day ago   10:42

10 tips for BEGINNERS, sponsored by Apex Legends
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*UPDATE* Apex tips episode 2 is out: https://ufl.ae/videow/8LZ7-Y3Ul5Q
For those that just want to read the tips:
1: 0:50 No fall damage/team damage.
2: 1:14 Hold jump to climb.
3: 2:02 Only loot ammo you need for the weapons you have. Anything with a red circle you can drop as you don't use them. Items stack, check the bar on the bottom of each square for how many you have.
4: 2:43 Attachments show a UI if they will fit on your gun, otherwise pass them. Attachments also auto switch when you switch weapons if they fit, so switch without worry.
5: 3:12 Ping everything. Multiple loot items can be pinged and will show up on map, enemies will be marked if you ping them, and it also showsup on minimap.
6: 4:09 Gold Tier armour gives perks rather than making the item better. Helmet recharges abilities and ult faster, Chest refills shields to full when you execute somebody, Knockdown shields allows you to self revive, Backpack makes you use healing items faster.
7: 5:14 Golden guns. Mastiff Shotgun and Kraber 50 Cal sniper can be found from air drops. In 'High drop zones' you can also find any other gold tier gun with best attachments already on them, but these cant be removed.
8: 6:11 Best weapons? Good for beginners:- Peacekeaper and LMGs because of giant magazines not having to reload. Wingman and Longbow if you have good accuracy. Avoid mid fight reloads to win more fights.
9: 7:40 Ultimate Accelerant. Use it to get 20% off your ult cooldown, always use it on lifeline whenever you see one to get more loot and always be charging.
10: 9:06 Get in the center circle early. This gives you better odds controlling the zone and gatekeeping people coming in. Plus with caustic for example you can get all 6 of his traps out to control that final zone.

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after hscott
Watching this since I can't last a minute in the game. An embarassment. That's what I am. 😂
It was downloading when watching this video
dante sparda
For the first time I'm impressed with EA!!!
Chibi Draws
Best tip? Play the game
100P Flayzn
Jump once
Rj shihab
Download New APEX Legends Tricks!

Not Sleepyyy.
Can any caracter climb or only the pathfinder
This game is actually way different than most and I like the spin on it.
Aries Radke#6
Game was announce yesterday but u said u played last week
I am A G.O.A.T
Why say top ten tips? Why not just 10 tips? But im just curious about that. Good job on the vid
Noble Society
Yoooo Great work! Grind Grind Grind away & post frequently to keep growing your channel
Maximo González
Yo no se inglés pero me gusta mirar sus bideos
thanks stone
John Benedict Carreon
It is a amzing game but does this game have like rank system where you also play with beginners. Cause when I was starting the game as soon as I landed my enemies are already owning me. Please no hate, Just a starter here looking for more tips :) (NOOB ME? YES!)
“Top ten things everyone already knows and is just common sense” it’s like you made this list just by copying the tutorial or games website
Axl Despaw
1:11 'the song "keep yourself alive"' kicks in
Talon Vaughn
Tip for console trash like me, go to settings and set it to Fine Aim , ADS 3 or 4, Sensitivity at least 4. Practice at the range (you can train as many times as you want, as long as you want) then you will pull off headshots better. I wanted to give up on this game. Then I changed my settings and trained, now im at least 4 kills a game and getting better.
William Plaud
I just started this game yesterday and I am completely in love with it.
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Apex Legends Ultimativer Guide! Apex Legends Top 10 Tips 1 day ago   14:36

In diesem Guide Video möchte ich alle möglich Tipps und Tricks geben wie du besser in dem Spiel werden kannst. Hier werden alle Grundlagen besprochen,damit du besser mit dem Spiel klar kommst!

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