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10 tips for BEGINNERS, sponsored by Apex Legends
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*UPDATE* Apex tips episode 2 is out: https://ufl.ae/videow/8LZ7-Y3Ul5Q
For those that just want to read the tips:
1: 0:50 No fall damage/team damage.
2: 1:14 Hold jump to climb.
3: 2:02 Only loot ammo you need for the weapons you have. Anything with a red circle you can drop as you don't use them. Items stack, check the bar on the bottom of each square for how many you have.
4: 2:43 Attachments show a UI if they will fit on your gun, otherwise pass them. Attachments also auto switch when you switch weapons if they fit, so switch without worry.
5: 3:12 Ping everything. Multiple loot items can be pinged and will show up on map, enemies will be marked if you ping them, and it also showsup on minimap.
6: 4:09 Gold Tier armour gives perks rather than making the item better. Helmet recharges abilities and ult faster, Chest refills shields to full when you execute somebody, Knockdown shields allows you to self revive, Backpack makes you use healing items faster.
7: 5:14 Golden guns. Mastiff Shotgun and Kraber 50 Cal sniper can be found from air drops. In 'High drop zones' you can also find any other gold tier gun with best attachments already on them, but these cant be removed.
8: 6:11 Best weapons? Good for beginners:- Peacekeaper and LMGs because of giant magazines not having to reload. Wingman and Longbow if you have good accuracy. Avoid mid fight reloads to win more fights.
9: 7:40 Ultimate Accelerant. Use it to get 20% off your ult cooldown, always use it on lifeline whenever you see one to get more loot and always be charging.
10: 9:06 Get in the center circle early. This gives you better odds controlling the zone and gatekeeping people coming in. Plus with caustic for example you can get all 6 of his traps out to control that final zone.

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Gurshan Bains
I got a fortnite add
Yianni Assimakis
"I'm calling it, Fortnite declared dead. Time of death 12 AM Feb 4th 2019"
lexi rich
Follow LegionLX on twitch dope games and close clutch calls new gamer but up an coming check out his live stream hes funny
Madrid gaming
And stone how would I send clips from my ps4, I have a grip of amazing clips I needa share with the world
Madrid gaming
And d ok not play center zone, you want to play more on the outskirts if you are not ready to be rushed by 3 different teams
Primal Reviews
Thank you for the tips. Will definitely use them going forward.
Suggestion would be to take screenshots of items you are going to talk about so that individuals like myself can understand which item you're using
Marshall Grimmett
Does anyone know how the hit boxes work? Are they the same for all legends or do smaller legends like wraith have smaller hitboxes compared to like gibraltar?
Jerry Moua
Free games are becoming better and more fun then paid games... *cough cough* Anthem & The Division 2....
Halvor Botnmark
you should really consider showing examples when talking about something we should do. it would really help us understand
Skylines Kpop
it doesn't work on MacOS
Tip 11. While sliding you can use healing items. Good for downhill escapes or chases
Ian Williams
Apex >>> fortnite
I hope they expand the training, I'd like to be able to pick pathfinder to practice advanced movement without dicking over my team by not playing seriously.
Robert Thomas
Man great vid awesome tips just earned a sub. loving this game so far and I don't like battle royal games
Communist Dog
This game makes my head hurts....
Gamoholic 0116
A brand new game...
With 25 Million Player?
no offense you're bad at the game, its hurts to watch
Can someone guys give me a info about this game `please` and l play on this game on PC and one of my closest friend are playing on PS4 so l mean we can play
together in same match game, and this my question?
PS bad english 🙂
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Apex Legends: All Characters Guide Apex Legends Top 10 Tips 1 day ago   10:44

With Apex Legends now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, players have the opportunity to try out all of game’s characters called Legends. Right now, there are eight different characters available in Apex Legends, with new characters to be added in the future. Each of these Legends have different Abilities that give them a unique approach to battle.

Whether you want to be the one that provides support to your teammates, or earns the most kills in a match, there’s sure to be a Legend perfectly suited to your playstyle. For a closer look, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide featuring all eight Legends characters available in Apex Legends!

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