The Browns Blow Their Chance Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Episode 2 days ago   01:15

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The Browns think they can take the title of “America’s Team”...and they blew it 🤦‍♂️. New Gridiron Heights episode.

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Jason Frost
"The Superbowl Trophy we allegedly will win" on display during Browns appreciation day.
Chi Guy
Adam Gase 😂😂
newSomber Man
The Titans treaction to beating the Browns would be so differant a year or two ago!

*Oh.. We beat the Browns... Yay... get ready for next week I guess?*
dude person
I like baker's voice and all the cussing lol
Adam Gase's phone says "Again you need to sleep" .
New Attack
I feel like they shoulda had something with Desean Jackson be like I back b*tches
"Wudda bout us"
Bart Ryun
Mah Fuggin Funny shiznit right there
Sol6rG6mes ForYou
Kyler Murray 😭😭
b w
A ghetto like Cleveland could NEVER be America's Team!!!
i love this series! ive been watching since s1e1 came out
Chad M
If the browns get their shit together next week, then the next Gridiron Heights should open with Baker trying to fix a mortar and shooting down a jet
Not Memes Jolt
The recycle bin in the office says lost cause. In that bin are the falcons and the rest of the nfc east lol.
Betheny Care
Lost Cause Bin

The Falcons
The Rest of The AFC East
Lord Nixon
I bust out laughing at the Kyler Murray part so loud at work they thought i was crazy.
jerry janik
The bills are America's team where's Josh Allen
Do one of these for baseball and or hockey
Pee Boners
Blew your wad a little early on this one.
If there's anything less funny that this, I haven't seen it. Maybe the Bud Dwyer film, but that's about it.
Pillojansnzmx Kznsjb
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Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Episode The Browns Blow Their Chance 2 days ago   01:07

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may return in Week 15, and he's ready to go "John Wick" on the rest of the NFC.

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