US-China trade tensions on display Insane Chinese traffic jam 1 day ago   02:31

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Trade tensions between the US an China take center stage at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. While tech giant Huawei has a large presence at the show, other Chinese companies are staying away.

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Davie Notellin
When Obama was the President, he said U.S. didn't want to contain China, but then he didn't want to share technologies with China either, for example U.S. banned any Chinese to go on the International Space Station (very racist), so the Chinese built their own Space Station, and will share with all the scientists in the World. Next, the European Space Administration and the Chinese will build a Moon base, and Trump can keep fake-selling about his imaginary "space force".
peekaboo peekaboo
As usual --- Biased reporting by DW against the Chinese.
Water & Sky
Lol, they can't compete with China so they whine and whine about "muh poar trade deficit" — it's so typical Anglo-Saxon. Their British predecessors did the exact same thing a couple of centuries ago, but thankfully the Chinese are no longer technologically backwards and can defend themselves adequately in case the USA decides to go belligerent and start "Opium" War 3.0
World's Netizen
LOL, isn't TPP the earlier international strategy that moves the whole supply chain out of China? Trump was right again? LOL, he reverted the entire situation of NK and Taiwan under the name of reversing every political legacy of Obama, which make the CCP greater again. Trump is the CCP's global real estate/interest representer who is named the US' Deng Xiao Ping by his Chinese Trumptards.
Who cares about the U.S. China doesnt sell hamburgers anyway.
Stranded in Utah
Selling Hauwei: At this price you will get top of the line features and be monitored by the Communist Party of China.
Unname Lastname
China ruin the world economy. F small dics
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Insane Chinese traffic jam US-China trade tensions on display 1 day ago   02:04

This is what happens when people come back from vacation in China and try to get into Beijing. And you thought your puny traffic jams were crazy.

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