I Don't Need Everyone to Like Bill Burr: All Time Best 1 day ago   07:35

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Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: https://ufl.ae/videow/--ISTq1piOY

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Ryan Ziolkowski
The restaurant analogy was fucking amazing, allot of those idiots should really listen to that analogy, because that's how fucking ridiculous they are lol.
Stefan Milenkovic
Too much baldness in the room 😂
Nick Halden
"It's a very vocal minority that get upset about things, they're very mad about it and they're very active", JRE

This is so true. I'm tired of explaining this to folks.
People are getting induced in a chaotic society perception, thinking everyone is left-extremist or offended by everything, when it reality it's just a minority.

Those videos of crazy left-extremists rarely happen in real life.
It's Private
It's funny when people agree with Bill Burr but when he starts talking about their ethnicity, race, religion, their sexual lifestyle then, then they start crying it's not funny. So many two faced fags on here. That's why all this political correctness bullshit exists because you two faced fags like you
"Only 1 person in 50 shows complain, so most people dont care or get mad" meanwhile they both go on a 10 minutes rant how much they hate this one person LOL. Why spend so much time on this one person? Does it really bother you guys that much? Who knew comedians were so sensitive.
pause @4:18
Eric The Bro Bean!
Who would hate Bill Burr? The people who are mad at him for telling it how it is!
Rooster Mbakb67
If jokes didn’t cross the line you couldn’t make a living on the people that would come to watch a PC show.
Bill Burr thinks not everyone likes him but trust me Bill, we like you 😂
The Watch Show
They are tyrants plain and simple.
Conservatives have their own PC rules--it's just another brand of PC. How many people did Kaepernick trigger by taking a knee? And the insane mental gymnastics trying to justify their outrage by saying he was disrespecting "the troops" were hilarious. Liberal SJW outrage is about you being a horrible person because you're sexist or racist. Conservative SJW outrage is about you being a horrible person because you're not a real patriot or a Christian.
Burr is married to a pig
3rd Eye
Dave Chapelle and Bill Burr are patriots upholding the freedom of speech that is threatened from treason of hypocritical moral- fascist.
The far left at it again hating on actual entertaining people. They are extremely boring and pathetic themselves, so I guess it is the only thing they can do with their lives.
I have my doubts that Bill Burr will ever be invited to do a "corporate gig for a Christian group".... hahahaha
Joseph Fuson
Please I miss you
It is more like going into a French restaurant and getting mad they are serving French cuisine.
bring Arnold Shwrazeneggar here
I was disappointed with his special. I really think he needs some new material. Lot of rehashing of old joke, and the vast majority of his jokes were just made at the expense of women. He tries to do this "woke sexist" character that doesn't really seem to work. I got a few laughs here and there, but definitely isn't able to pull off a variety of jokes that Chappelle or Rogan do on their specials. Used to love Bill, but I agree with his Wife when it comes to his humor... He really needs new material...
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Bill Burr: All Time Best I Don't Need Everyone to Like 1 day ago   19:10

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