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Get free unlimited cloud storage (and so much more) for your Android or iOS smartphone with Google Photos.
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Doug A
Google photos is great. The Desktop uploaded was alluded to but not mentioned explicitly it automatically uploads photos from your computers, too. . I helped a neighbor bring back her old photos from dead storage on more than 60 CDs/DVDs and she is thrilled with the result. Monitor your Google space by creating a bookmark for . If set-up correctly (High Quality, not Original) your photos won't count against your space limits.
Chip Carpenter
nice overview!
Harold Johnson
Great information. I already knew about Google Photos and have it installed on my iPhone but would've found this invaluable if I hadn't known. I keep running out of storage because of pics and vids!!!
Prime Style Ltd
does the trick.
Cris Castillon
Dat Nexus 6P tho.
John Davis
Following Ting on here in hopes of hearing that they're coming to Hanover, PA. I will however enjoy this beautiful face in the mean time though ;-)
Matthew Chhay
Be careful to change the settings so it only auto-uploads photos when on wi-fi. Otherwise it will use your data connection, and your low Ting bill won't be so low anymore
I 100% love Google it the day they announced it!!! I highly recommend it! It is a bit slow, that's my only issue.....but its not just uploading the files so it's understandable.
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Google Photos App: New Features Google Photos (Android and iOS) 10 months ago   13:04

Unlike The Verge I actually am reviewing the NEW Google Photos app. Let's take a full tour through all the new features and tools!
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