Joe Rogan - Elon Musk on FLAMETHROWERS The future we're building -- and boring 1 day ago   14:20

Joe Rogan talks to Elon Musk about his flamethrowers - and gets a flamethrower review - and his tunnel with the Hyperloop under LA.

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Jason King
Joe acts like a man worth billions goes out and actually does any of this shit himself. (Ie build tunnels) Musk as 500 MIT level geniuses to plan it out. Then 5000000 Mexicans to make it happen.
Jack Pepal
So we dug a pit, it's a pit, just a pit, dug that pit 24/7, actually worked on the pit for like 2 days, maybe dug the pit in 28 hours, we wanted to show the guy the pit and bam we had a pit. It's just a pit
john Armand knapp
Mr. Ellon Musk you re my best Idol and so kind for humanity.
Thank you.
Rap !
Elon’s got the ability to create time differentials in giant holes he diggs in the ground and has the ability to do this in 48 hours. It’s called Ground X.
Can attest to waves. When scuba diving, you will seldom know whether there is rough waters or even a full blown storm until you surface
T.J. Kalifornia
Wish they would edit out the song at the end
Petru Simion
Comparing earthquakes waves with a storm and the statement that if you are in a storm you want to be in a submarine is weird. Storms are created in the atmosphere and propagated to the ocean surface, therefore being in a submarine means being out of the environment that created the storm and also out of the effect of the storm which is the top surface of the ocean being disturbed from the atmosphere. However, in an earthquake, the equivalent of being in a submarine is being in an aeroplane. Not in a tunnel. And being in a tunnel during an earthquake is like being in an aeroplane in the middle of the storm. I am really puzzled by this statement.
William Fog von Qualen
Elon: *breathes*
Joe: how do you have time for that??!!
Michael McMillan
I had to unsubscribe because of that song at the end bro sorry....
miguel serrano
Jimmy Rustling
Joe "I'm listening" Rogan.
Vama Ting
Elon Musk is what you get when you don't have to spend your life paying white collar criminals for the right to not die outdoors at night; time to think about better shit.
Oh yeah yeah
He should make a Elon musket
abhinav singh
Plz drive in india for 3 mins.
ELONgated MUSKrat
Malakhi Mcintosh
When you’re Elon musk you do things cuz you think it might be a cool idea.
M3L4 23
I work on segment tunnels. They crack, bust, seals separate etc all the time. Segments interlock in various patterns but are not designed to move like a snake.
Balance is real the smarter you are the less social skills you have. This man can not communicate in a normal way just look at How joe talks and how elon musk talks he’s not very clear. It’s interesting the favebook guy is like that too
King Rhuts
Elon Musk, too serious to take seriously.
Grumor Town
Hard to imagine Elon Musk watching Field of Dreams.
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The future we're building -- and boring Joe Rogan - Elon Musk on FLAMETHROWERS 1 day ago   40:51

Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

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