our first date as an official couple.. BLIND DATES GET FREAKY ON THE FIRST 2 days ago   10:22

Alyssa Kulani
Today, Tanner and I went on our first date since we've started dating and we brought you guys along!

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Zaenab Khalid
I get out friend zone 😭♥️
Vunwe Maluleke
I love how funny and wierd you and tanner are you guys are the best❤🔥😂
been chillin ...been fucking u mean hahaha
Erin Furney
love u but u need more hair extensions if you are going to keep wearing them bc it looks patchy
i still can't believe they're ACTUALLY dating aaahhh
happy_ person
4:09 Hi I'm poppy
I'm poppy
I'm poppy
I'm poppy
I'm poppy
julia lewis
Why don’t you ask each other questions about one another?
Charity Cooper
9:16 chillin...ohhhh ok I see you Alissa ain’t no secrets...🤫🤫🤰🏼lmao it’s a joke
anything jayden :*
hey anyone who is reading this im a up and coming youtuber so if u would support me please subscribe to me ad share

anyway thank you for your time and have a great day
Tail Knight
@Alyssa Kulani are you eating right because if your not Maybe that is the reason why you have no boobs , I know some girls don't like to eat a lot and tell them what to eat But maybe that's it. I'm not saying you should eat alot But also not Little Just eat a balanced Diet . and its cold so your body uses alot of energy to keep warm so you should eat more i Guess ; Esspecally in more on Milk (Calcium) and (Iron) cause that what helps boobs grow and know that girls don't like getting the belly but your body will adjust to certain places Like Boobs and butt . I m just saying because I don't like when a girl has to change her body to Feel Good especially in surgery I think is the Idea of surgery that a girl will go to change her body . I know is not my place to say but still i had to say it . It really bothered me I don't mean to criticize or to hate . I'm just here to help , just concerned , love your vids Hope everything goes well or went well LOVE YOU GUYS 😉😄💕
Emma Mallinger
How old are they?
Christian Pecci
You should make a boob check for a video
Emma D
“Your breathe is really good, yeah that’s good stuff” “You like it, it’s tastes good?”😏😂
Jicrisline G
Never break up
Hansen 05
You should do the I want a baby prank on tanner
Klerona Osmani
Has she had her boob job yet ?
Caleb Ashley
I wanna see more videos and I wanna see how ur surgery went.
Carlos Chavez
7:24 is so funny and cute at the same time😂❤❤
get this
Can someone like this
get this
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BLIND DATES GET FREAKY ON THE FIRST our first date as an official couple.. 2 days ago   14:02

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