30 Avengers: Endgame Mysteries And Plot AVENGERS ENDGAME Breakdown! Easter 1 day ago   16:42

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Avengers: Endgame is the spectacular culmination of eleven years of movie-making in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It saw the Avengers come together to defeat Thanos - the powerful intergalactic despot whose life mission was to bring balance to the universe, at the cost of trillions of lives.

It provided us with closure to a number of character's stories and gave us answers to lots of long-standing questions - but it also created just as many questions, mysteries and plot holes.

In this video, we'll run you through thirty of the niggling issues Avengers: Endgame left us wondering about. Please note, there WILL be spoilers for the movie (both in the following text AND the video itself)...

The isses include; How did Carol Danvers find Tony Stark in space? How exactly does time work in the Quantum Realm? Are Namor and Captain Britain in the MCU? What does Loki's escape in 2012 mean for his MCU future? Will Black Widow's movie be a prequel now that she's dead? Are we getting A-Force and Young Avengers movies? How did Valkyrie get her flying horse back? Why didn't the heroes just use the Time Stone to bring Tony Stark back to life? Where is Gamora now? How is Peter Parker still the same age as all of his classmates? And is this the end for the Avengers?

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Obeisant TV
When ironman died, I felt no feelings of sadness. I have no heart.
Definitely not a marvel fan
9:38 god no
Dude this wasn’t 2023 because avengers infinity war was in 2017 because the first scene was in Thor’s space ship after Ragnarok
And endgame was 2017-2022 as Bruce said thanos used the infinity stones three weeks ago which was still in 2017.
Joslyn Bowley
I’m pretty sure Captain America can only wield Mjølnir when he’s in battle...because when he’s not fighting he’s weaker
Abby Marasigan
The question is will there be an Avengers 5?!?
Dave Pescasio
Captain America wielded the hammer because in 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Cap. America and Iron Man had a fight and in Civil War they fought and Captain America was worth the whole time in Avengers 2012 now the fight of Cap. America and Tony Stark is over Cap. America is now worthy again in wielding the Mjonir and Thor knew that because of the Teamwork of Cap. America and Tony Stark in travelling to 1970 to get the tesseract plus Tony Stark gave Cap. America his Vibranium Shield back.
Wes Williams
#24 because that is how aging works
Noah Marcovich
Captain America: *gives falcon the shield*
Bucky: *sad metal arm noises*
Josiah Gutierrez
Venom deadpool
Grant Davis
#18 Reversing iron man’s body would have reversed his snap sooooo yeah
Zora Szentesi
After several movies, we still don't know what happened in Budapest
Next Video: *Why Elon Musk from Iron Man 2 didn't kill Thanos*
Mr. Glopy
screen rant: where is gamora
Me: the real question is why is gamora
Harrison Baylor
#3 Ironman kept sending messages maybe they got one and were able to get his location off of it?
Harrison Baylor
@1:10 nick fury also said something while he was being dusted.
Nerf Cat28
Everybody who saw the fight of Thanos’s Chitauri army vs all of the hero’s.
Half of everyone who watched endgame: why didn’t the wizards just teleport the army and have it as just Thanos?
GoldenWolfGod27 The Wolf Pack
Could not have cost trillions of lives there’s only 7 and a half billion people on earth
Internet Trust
The post credits hammering sound .... I AM IRONMAN
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AVENGERS ENDGAME Breakdown! Easter 30 Avengers: Endgame Mysteries And Plot 1 day ago   38:16

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