This Was One Of The Most Hostile Panels Voters vent frustration, disappointment 1 day ago   05:07

"People had to suffer great deals for something most of the country doesn't want, which is a wall."

Frank Luntz talks with Californians about the longest shutdown in history on VICE News Tonight.

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“The Democrats are frightened because he's delivering on every single promise.”
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Justin Groves
This is what people who aren’t really looking at this with enough scrutiny are missing:

The shutdown was all about 2 things.

1) Pelosi gaining the speakership. It was all about power.

2) Democrats sending a message they will not negotiate with Trump on any Legislation.

When the negotiations for funding the government were in motion and AFTER the 2018 midterms Pelosi made a move for the speakership and her party DID NOT WANT HER, So she made deals behind closed doors with the radical elements of the party (who are in charge right now) to become speaker if she promised to hold the line and resist Trump. It’s just that simple. After that agreement was made, her speaker challenger withdrew her name and Pelosi won by a VERY slim margin and mostly because the moderates voted “Present”

Now here is some more food for thought.
Yes, Trump shut down the government to protect America. Yes, The wall funding should have happened during the first two years HOWEVER you still need democrat support in the senate to pass anything. The democrats do not see Trump as a legitimate President and they refuse to work with him to pander to the far fringes of their base.

Now, Trump negotiated with democrats before the shutdown occurred and Pelosi and Schumer were playing the blame game in the Oval Office trying to get the blame to shift to the Republicans until Trump relented and said ”You want to blame me? Ok fine I’ll take the mantle, I’ll Shutdown the Government to protect American Citizens”

But the media only played “I’ll shutdown the government” over and over and over again.

America DOES want the wall and immigration reform. It’s not immoral to keep illegal people out. It’s perfectly fine. They ALWAYS have the option to apply legally and wait in line like EVERYONE else. But this whole thing is about stopping immigration abuse by countries from the south.
Bob NA
Liberal fucktards never disappoint me.
Billy Belcher
I disagree with the wall being built I disagree with the shutting down of the Government & the National Emergency too ,there was no No national Emergency . why are we trying to block out or close up Mexico they are our neighbors. There are a lot of bad apples in every city or state or country that does not mean all of them are bad . This is supposed to be THE LAND OF THE FREE .
Apparently, nobody in this group was smart enough to know... the government wasn't shut down.

A tini, tiny number of federal employees didn't go to work or get paid for a few weeks. That's it.

...and life went on for the other 99.9% of America. You don't need the government. The government needs you.
jimmy jimmy
All of gov't is to blame. Their job is to run the country which they are incapable of doig.
them fools still what that bs wall that anyone can dig a tunnel under or get a big ass ladder & go over it or go to the sides & swim around it & by the way you fools some of usa land owners have land on both sides of the boarder then your going to block off their land & what about the kids going back & to mexico & usa to school & jobs workers you all a fools LOL no wall will never keep no one out of coming here no one.
Chris Davidson
that one guy who thinks Nancy Pelosi is commiting treason by not going along with the wall LOLOLOLOLOL
Paul Kern
Trump supporters, at this point, can be accurately described as cult members.
Frank Lutz is human garbage
Ol Frank at it again.....Mr Death Tax
G Dd
Everyone gathered together to listen to the class, share experiences and share the authority of experts.
Death Larsen
This thing is edited down to 5 minutes why is this edited so much? I bet all the good stuff of the liberal idiots making themselves look like fools has been put on The Cutting Room floor
Who do these people think picks their food?
Chooki Mongoni
whoever calls the need for a border wall a crisis they are a racist. and there is no other possible explanation.
William Yelton
Love these interviews. Instead of pundits who talk 24 hours straight, can the news just go to the people every once and a while.
Wynter Phantom
Anyone else annoyed at how misinformed these conservatives are?
Trumpers: People need to respekt muh President!
Also Trumpers: Is Nancy Pelosi committing treason!?
Honestly Americans are way way dumber than I ever thought possible. How pathetic. This is just kabuki theater you idiots trump literally said he was doing this for 2020 he couldn’t even stop himself from admitting it at a press conference. Trump exists and does what he does because of you play stupid you get away with a lot because people hold you to a lower standard. He exists to protect the billionaire class that’s it. And the rich. We need sanders not some “middle option” because the country has moved far to the right over the last few decades. Obama was as right wing as a Republican in the 80d if you look at his actual economic policies
Adela Rodriguez
All governments from different countries should be held accountable for their people but like our president they are all crooked and greedy looking out for themself and NEVER have the people needs and well being in mind! GREED is a sin , and the people are pawns in their greedy self righteousness dictatorship roles as politicians, the end is coming, look around humaity is losing put all these people will meet their maker! Trump and pulling children from their parents is an Atrocity, he will pay. We do not take material things with us when we die only the life we have lived , we will endlessly walk all the bad we have done in this world. Men like trump will get what they deserve!
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Voters vent frustration, disappointment This Was One Of The Most Hostile Panels 1 day ago   03:58

ABC News contributor Frank Luntz held a focus group with Democratic and Republican voters to understand how they feel about the state of politics heading into the midterms.

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