Why are Boeing 737s CRASHING? | In layman's What is causing Boeing 737 max 8's to CRASH? 2 days ago   20:16

Water cooler discussion of the Lion Air 610 disaster and similarities with Ethiopia's Boeing 737 Max disaster. Your considered and respectful comments are appreciated. The investigation is ongoing and loved ones might be here looking for answers.

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Maddog Jones
Sorry AvE, Sweden never had Harrier's. Some handsome n
blond Swedish dude duped you...
The Tech From Heaven
Only competition? Don't forget the Russians! They will implement parachutes and vodka to solve possible problems with their planes.
737 Max Problems..Angle of the dangle, heat of the meat, and the mass in the ass.
James Rindley
Is that old Bernoullis law explanation of a wing actually right? Because as far as I can see, the only way a wing can generate lift is by diverting part of the airflow downwards.
AvE was spot on! 3 people in the cockpit made the difference in a previous incident. https://ufl.ae/videow/9Ji_QzK89Ga
Wilmer Schock
How are we expected to watch Youtube if the comments on Ave's channel are so interesting we have to read them all?
David Welsh
nailed it
7:35 As a Formula 1 fan, this made me feel warm inside.
I'm sure smarter people than I made this decision for a reason, but I can't imagine why they would allow the MCAS to operate while the pilot is manually flying the plane. It sounds to my only slightly more educated than layman brain like they're designing modern passenger jets like fly-by-wire fighter jets -- unstable without the aid of computer assistance. Seems unnecessary in an effort to save a buck.
goota watch again 3rd time your dead nuts rite about the confuser,faa almost allways takes year no joke fart tubes with wings lol .
more training answer??
bad wave form..
Garret Seesing
I wonder if the automatic braking systems on modern cars is going to lead us down a similar rabbit hole one day.
Vince Veloce
Your explanation of lift for a plane to fly is not entirely accurate as it doesn't explain how a plane can fly upside down, just a thought.
What if the pilots DID switch MCAS off (basic pilot Runaway Stabilizer training), the whole Christmas tree of lights and alarms go on at that first moment including the stickshaker, but THAT (switching STAB trim switches off) makes the plane instable (to much AT??) in that phase of flight??
My understanding is that the Bernoulli thing isn’t a huge factor in how wings generate lift.
Eric Taada
Juan Browne's YouTube Video LIon Air B-737 Max NCAS Update Is far more informative than Boeing Pres. Dennis Muilenburgs full page NY Times Mar 20 apologram declaring Commitment Dedication and Values.
Rex Holes
Physics wise its a bad design, the newer engines and cowling cause a pitch up tendancy therefore they have flight control software to conteract that but if the sensors fail or the software gets confused it dives the plane into the ground
Robert Orr
Good armchair analysis. Thanks!
Don Johnson
Too much automation built into aircraft, software issues causing overcompensation and pilot confusion
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What is causing Boeing 737 max 8's to CRASH? Why are Boeing 737s CRASHING? | In layman's 2 days ago   12:54

Prof Simon investigates what MIGHT be causing the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft to CRASH.

The thing I love and hate about Youtube are the viewers comments. Online videos are much more interactive than TV so if you have a question, observation or are know your aviation stuff please write.  If you want to comment on my appearance or be rude about someone else opinion...keep it to yourself please.

Please regard this short video as a launching platform for ideas about the Max 8.  I certainly don't have the answers to why 2 aircraft crashed.  The investigation will hopefully clear up what really happened.  

I tried to make a film that a non aviation engineer will understand. I hope you found it useful.

please comment politely, press thumbs up if you enjoyed the film and subscribe to this channel for more.

Best wishes and safe flying

Prof Simon.

Prof Simon wearables now available here: https://profsimon.teemill.com

thanks for the photos.
personal thanks to TheYottaTube for max8 photo

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