Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker The Entire Star Wars Saga 1 day ago   08:10

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The new #starwars trailer is here! We broke down every secret and Easter egg in our first look at #theriseofskywalker

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Hosted, written, and edited by Ryan Arey. (

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The magic Guy
How about snoke? Was he just some useless bloke?
And we need the thumping thumping thumping in the background why? Waste of time. Just like all the Stars Wars movies past the first three.
Hailey Odish
Darth Jar Jar!!!!!!!
qui gon jinn
Ben solo is the only Skywalker left so if he dosnt "reproduce" then the Skywalker family tree will come to the end or rey could be a reincarnation of obi wan or anakin
Dreamshare Entertainment
Skywalker is not just a bloodline. It’s a type of legendary person capable of using the force to the point where traveling through space independent of a vessel is possible. If J.J Abraham’s is at all continuing off where Johnson left off in the TLJ then my guess is a new generation of Skywalker Jedis is going to be lead by Rey.
Steven Kirkpatrick
I think palpatine is a dark side ghost. Probably possessed Snoke and used his vast wealth to raise the first order from the ashes
İ hope Qui Gonn will come back
Mr. Mario
5:57 this is the Death Star
Your Name Here
Star wars fucking sucks now. This disney crap isnt star wars. George lucas shouldve never sold it away. I blame those asshole ungrateful fans that shitted on the prequels because it was hip. The prequels were 10x better than this new disney crap.

Lucas created this universe. If JJ abrams and disney were so great, why dont they create a universe like star wars. Anyone who watches these and says its star wars has no respect for the original lucas work. You just want to be part of something so bad u forced urself to like it.
Frank Bowman
So....we've stretched the term "Easter egg" to simply mean "things", I guess? Why, exactly?
It is 2 different planets
Stoney Bolonga
DISNEY IS Fucking the Star Wars STORY.. Palpatine is dead and Kylo Ren is a Solo not a Skywalker & Luke Skywalker didn't have a kid Luke Skywalker became a Monk Jedi...
When will Disney make up theirs mind is a Lightsaber a Lightsaber or Lasersaber...
Esha Janjua
Felix estrada
Ryan.........the question here is what is Rey holding? Has to be important if she is taking it to the deathstar. What do you think about that? Never seen anyone talk about that.
Snoke was controlled by Palpatine.. Thats why he was almost dead and died like that... remember that... Palpatine were Snoke all the time
KnightofRen LD Madore
Rey still has the NN-14 that Han gave her.
I love the reference to Ronnie James Dio. True story back on the dream evil tour 1988 he came into my mom's bar and she was the first one to recognize him since he had been in town. She told him what a huge fan I was and he asked her to bring the phone over so he could call me. He called me while I was at home watching heavy metal half hour on MTV and I didn't believe it was really him and hung up on him. Afterwards he called back and we had a brief conversation. He promised my mom to leave backstage passes for us at the door just by using our names. So later that evening me and my mom and older brother all went to the show and we had the backstage passes waiting. That night I saw sabotage, Megadeth, Indio. It was a great show. And then afterwards I met Dave Mustaine at the bar my mom managed to cross the street from the Charlotte Coliseum. Had a really good time that night. I got to talk to deal personally on the phone and got to hang out with Dave Mustaine later that evening.
DieEne Enna
Watch out. This could be a huge spoiler!

In a kind of comic con, there was a picture of Anakin getting a flashback where palpatine made his mother prangnant. Not in the usual way, but with the force. Also, palpatine is able to give people midi-chlorians. He probably did this to with Rey to. So that would make Rey and kylo far family and the reylo thing impossible.
Anthony Hollywood
Whats with the stupid thumbnail wtf hahaha
My opinion is that the emperor is Rey’s uncle and he laughs because he has slonged his Wong all over rey
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The Entire Star Wars Saga Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker 1 day ago   21:06

This is the Entire Star Wars Saga (so far) in 20 Minutes! In this video I am covering only the main Star Wars Films. However, I will be doing other Star Wars Movies and Games as well. For more Star Wars Videos Please Remember to Like, Subscribe & Turn on your Notifications for more!

Star Wars Movies Included:
Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope
Star Wars Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens

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