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ZGV Solar Energy

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Mark namer
not bbc
Neo Khesa
Wait a minute..................... everyone knows I obsess over this stuff
Blah blah blah.
Shantel Guetgen
You can find something like this on the Avasva page. Full step-by-step instructions right on your desk.
Excellent documentary!
Dadson worldwide
25k years it's been warming its normal. Burn coal screw espensive fuels.
thumbs down for the misleading title.
Jack F
Wow. Now the yanks are running the British Broadcasting Corporation. There's a lot of that on YouTube.
Leslie Guarino
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Lane Gaspar
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geothermal energy is the key!
Glen Hesketh
Peurto Rico power stations are $9,000000,000 in Dept because of corruption
Eric Strid
This is a 2011 documentary from the David Koch Science Hour, aka Nova. It is technologically obsolete and, like all Nova shows, it is subtly aimed at distracting us from our most urgent problem, namely getting off of fossil fuels. The US spends around $2600 per person per year on fossil fuels, not counting around $20B of government subsidies. Oil, and then natural gas, will go the way of coal companies--bankrupt--as we ramp up solar and wind generation and electric vehicles. Nuclear is on a negative learning curve and will be increasingly uncompetitive.
D Plus
Can not believe how they still include Nuclear as a solution, some humans are still in the stone age and never learn. Using Nuclear as a solution todays is the same old 'under the carpet' strategy as by the next century generation the problems will be radioactive waste , this without even mention the terror of Chernobyl, Fukushima. Nuclear can not handle nature hurricane, Nuclear must be out, at least for us lovers of clean air and a fresh clean breeze by the sea...#lol
Sirzippy zipps
Just plant more trees problem solved. Thay always have to make evert thing so complicated.
Mani Bisural
call u give tree free for all human in earth
Mani Bisural
uas make earth green fast
Mani Bisural
u all salfish in nepal lostof enargay
RichardMJ R
TLDR : This is NOT a BBC Documentary, it is a PBS Doc from 2011, "Power Surge". Shame on uploader for telling a LIE.
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The Power of Putin - Documentary 2018, BBC Technology Documentary Renewable Energy 5 months ago   42:59

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The Power of Putin - Documentary 2017, BBC Documentary

Putin has created what he calls a "vertical of power," something unlike any we see in other great nations. As the Russian chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov -- himself a harsh critic of Putin -- has noted, the entire structure of Russian political power rests on one man. When the czar died, you knew the structure that would endure and the process by which his successor, his son, would be elevated. When the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party died, the Standing Committee and the Politburo would select his successor. But when Putin dies, what will happen? No one knows.

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