Murder Memorabilia & Yemen Famine: Walking to America with the Migrant 1 day ago   23:46

This is the December 13, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:01 Half the population is completely reliant on aid for survival and 12 million Yemenis are now at imminent risk of famine (soon that’ll go up to 14 million) and more than 16 million have no access to safe water, exposing them to increased risk of infectious diseases, such as cholera. VICE News spends the day with a family whose five kids are all at great risk of severe malnutrition.

9:00 Theresa May is pleading for concessions as her Brexit deal hangs in the balance. The problem? Northern Ireland. VICE News explains why.

12:36 A dissertation about slave communication networks in the Caribbean is finally being formally published, 32 years after it was written. VICE News talks to the author, Julius Scott, about his scholarship and publishing process.

16:05 William Harder owns one of the largest collections of murderer artwork and memorabilia in the world. He also runs an auction website where he brokers sales of other so-called murderabilia collectibles.

20:15 Anderson Paak is back in this episode of Music Critic

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Prateekpawan paharia
*Consider throwing rubber along with each loaf of bread showered from sky.*
Jeremy Falkowski
I live in a total disaster, so I had 10 kids so they could also experience this hell. How about stopping having kids?
Moses Francis
7:10 ffs, through all that you still have 10 [email protected]#$%
Cabaas Raygel
I wonder ppl comment saying control childbirth i can see that you have never experience in war zone country or refugees camp in war zone as iam somali i do remember refugees camp ppl had nothing to eat or little and every were there was a child i have aske even.may self that Q? But what i have found is that people when they lost hope in the war zone the only think they do is to l
Lissette Badal
These poor babies!! It’s not their faults that a war is going on. Allah please watch over these babies and punish the ones responsible!!
Danny Nicastro
.....Do those babies ever see their mothers faces? How about at home? Totally serious question.
His grandma was really Dorthea Puente? Makes his interest in other killers' stuff more understandable. How do you live being related to someone like that? It's not his fault, but he shares her blood. What a thing to screw with your mind.
Murder Museum
Love the collection!
Jesse Ferdon
That charles manson pic looks fake as hell
Ricco Hall
That video about famine in Yemen shows realities of a terrible problem. All people should work towards creating a more positive world. Also, work towards creating an environment on Earth with much less or no war, slavery, poverty, destruction of the natural environments, and other serous world problems. Currently, not all people and all people who would benefit the efforts to create a more positive Earth the most are trying to create a more positive Earth.
Charlie HM
being in such poor conditions why do these people continue to have kids this one lady said she has 10 kids what the heck is she thinking
Kemoy Duhaney
Thanks for featuring "The Common Wind" I never heard of this book. The feature stories were great too.
mmumford mumford
I wonder if he wants to kill, but doesn't?
Jonny Begood
So nothing on the scandavin girls that were beheaded in Marco? Yeah as always vice is trash.
Jeremian Lastly
Thank you SO much to that brave doctor giving these kids a chance at life. I know we have major problems in the US; I'm certainty not the most well off... but seeing what the people of Yemen and others deal with makes me grateful for what I do have. I must say though, she is a perfect example of the fact that science is humanities hope, not religion. I wish her success and safety for being a bright light of compassion and rational, scientific thinking in a relatively dark, ignorant place.
Modular Mountain
That Hind Hassan tho :) More like BeHIND 09:50. LOL. In all seriousness though, she's beautiful.
Donate Hilltop
I love vice they're one of my favorite YouTube channels and i watch all their videos. I cannot understand the entertainment value in watching somebody else listen to music for 5 minutes at the end of all of these videos though. It's categorically awful to watch every time and completely uninteresting
Sues Anna
Societies where women are only used as breeding machines like in Yemen 🇾🇪 are the most cruel and inhuman of this world. Patriarchy is the death 💀 of a nation. Men should NOT be allowed to govern anything.
Please remember War is a business its always bin that way and always will be .
US-ARMY GuNNeR Mercenary
No milk but plenty of khat and weapons 😐
Why have 14 kids if they'll all starve 🤔
Tell the Iran peace organizations to help the houthis and its followers
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Walking to America with the Migrant Murder Memorabilia & Yemen Famine: 1 day ago   20:48

Thousands of migrants Central America have trekked across Mexico as part of the wave after wave of caravans fleeing persecution, violence, and poverty in their home countries.

Among the group are scores of teenagers traveling alone and dreaming of a life in the United States that could help provide for their loved ones back home—most of them unaware of the threats of arrest and deportation made by President Trump and other U.S. officials.

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